Happy, Happy Christmas

From our family to yours, I hope you all have a wonderful day. It has been a great gift to me to get know people through this blog in the past few months and for that I am very grateful! So.. Happy early Christmas for all of us, I will probably be on tomorrow sometime to update Christmas pics very quickly before we go to Germany, but if not.. here is a quickie of Dakota to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas!

Wordless Wednesday - *Little Monkey*

I have been neglecting poor little bloggy a little. Apologies, just busy with Christmas and everything else. I always forget how much I have to do and leave it until the last minute! So I have been just doing everything I can, as well as getting food and stuff prepared. But it's great, because I have my own back massager on hand whenever anything is getting too tough! Note, you may be blinded by how terrible I look. Forgive me, it is really true being pregnant with girls steals your beauty. Also, doesn't help when you don't put any effort into your appearance at all. But it's ok, because my bloggy Mommies understand, right? Just look at the cute kid :P

Mommy needs REST

I never knew I was a busybody until I was told to take it a little slower by the Doctors. I seriously didn't think I did much more than others, but now when I try to slow down I am starting to see it. I can't slow down, my life just doesn't allow for it. I constantly need to be doing things and with a 14 month old toddler who loves nothing more than to run around, I just can't manage it.

See example. ^ Coming out of chapel today. Please do not mind the hideous monstrosity of a "dress" she is wearing, it was knitted especially by MIL and shut her up for the day that Dakota wore it. Dakota didn't seem to care, so I shouldn't either, right? It certainly didn't stop her getting up to her usual tricks. So while Daddy tries to get Dakota to pose for a nice picture with Mommy, off she goes. Now, I am not meant to run after her, but what can I do? Just let the child continue on her way right until she gets to the road to meet her death. Apparently so.

Emotional preggo!

Today has just not been an easy day. I had a super long convo with my Mom last night and it really got me thinking how much I miss everyone. This is crazy because I have been living away (I mean like thousands of miles away!) for 4 years now and I have never once regretted moving to Europe.

I think this move to Poland, plus getting pregnant again unexpectedly and so quickly has just knocked me for 6. I miss everyone back home like crazy, I miss going out and being able to speak the language wherever I go and just having loads of friends. I have started to make some friends and meet new people here but it is not easy and the majority of the time wherever I go it is always stupid Polish. The langauge will never, ever make sense to me - I am a terrible learner.

Being on the phone to my Mom and just discussing litte things like how much new stuff Dakota has learnt really got me, I wish she was here and other people were here. I have already made a blog post about this not so long ago so I don't want to be repeating and randomly venting but I do miss them a lot!

So onto the point of the title - it has made me really emotional! I have not cried so much as I have cried today in a long time. I am sure it is the preggo hormones because I am not a really emotional person, at least I wasn't before I had Dakota. But it's just weird, the slightest thing sets me off. So warning to everyone, don't mention anything possibly emotive to me, or I WILL start crying on you!

Alexandra Burke

I really haven't mentioned my music taste on my blog before - except for my player at the bottom which I fill with some of my favorite songs now and again!

I am indeed a TV addict, as well as a computer addict! My wonderful husband got some UK satellite TV installed when we moved here, so I don't have to miss much! Their equivilent version of American Idol ended recently. The girl that won was called Alexandra Burke - she is amazing! I watched it from Week 1 and was so happy she won, really a star in the making. This is the same show that discovered Leona Lewis and I think this girl can be just as big! So watch out! :) Haha, here is a link to an amazing version of Beyonce's song "Listen" she did, also if you search around she did a duet of the same song WITH Beyonce on final night, which is amazing too - but this version is a little longer. Oh, and here is her debut single - a version of Hallelujah. Take a listen, she has a bright future!

Daily dose of bathtime cuteness AGAIN! :)

It has become a bit of a blog tradition - my girl loves her bath!

Align Center
Having fun!

Look at that crazy face. Haha, she is such a ham!

All smiles, I love this picture! Instant fav :)

Look how long she is, she basically takes up the whole tub already! It is crazy. I mean neither me or Daniel are THAT tall, I guess she just got the tall gene! Seems like only yesterday this was her....

It's crazy how much I think she looks like Daniel in this picture. Everyone now tells me she looks like me and I can see it too but I think she looks a whole lot like her Daddy here!

Another NEW banner!

OK, can you tell I am really bored today? Made myself another new banner, I am actually quite enjoying being creative for once! This one turned out better I think, "less is more". Plus, Dakota smiled perfectly for the pic I took ESPECIALLY for the banner! Here is the previous one I made earlier, I still like it, especially that crazy pic of Dakota, but I think the new one is more suited. Still unsure though, let me know your opinions! :)

New banner!

Not sure whether I like it or not - but I decided it was time for a change! Let me know what you think, I love honest opinions. I think it looks kinda weird the way it doesn't go the whole width of my posts, but that's just a booboo I made probably not making it wide enough. Eh, I think I preferred my old one but I was just getting bored of it! Plus, it didn't have Miss Amelia's name on it!

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Mommy and Dakota are getting in the Christmas spirit, we hope you are too! I love this time of year, really do. Despite the fact I hate the wet weather (give me snow anyday!) and it is just SO busy, I love the atmosphere of places. I love hearing all the Christmas songs being played in stores and hearing all the little kids get so excited! Dakota is appreciating it a little more this year, I think it will be next year before she fully "gets it" though!

Can you tell I am still not well?

I just realised I posted Wordless Wednesday on Tuesday. Eh, my mind is crazy!

Wordless Wednesday - Oh how this little being cheers me up! *Reading Nerd*

My hospital "adveture"

OK, first off - we are all ok! A bit shaken, but everything is fine. Mia just likes to scare Mommy now and again! Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers - I truly appreciate them all and it is so warming to come home and see so many different messages about the internet for me, I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends! :)

Well, anyway, it all started on Sunday. Feeling incredibly ill and nauseus - I was cramping really bad and I didn't think much of it until someone posted it could be contraction. Well anyway, I freaked out then. It felt completely like them and I just hadn't been thinking of it all. So at this point I tell Daniel and we look it up on the internet, it says if they are coming more than 4 an hour, ring your Dr. So anyway, my contractions are coming basically every 10 minutes, so we start to panic.

Sunday was my Doctor's "day off" (just great!) so we head to the hospital. FIL and MIL watched Kota for us and Daniel came with me. We got there and of course they start babbling in Polish and I don't have a clue. Daniel is trying to explain things to them and I am not understanding anything that is going on and I just start to panic even more.

They attach me to an IV and pump me full of fluids, telling me I am probably just dehydrated. Well, telling Daniel, who then told me. Then they ask to see my medical details - of course they don't have them because I am not on their records. They say do I have travel insurance etc, I let them know I have medical insurance and have my own Dr, but it is his "day off". They make Daniel go home to get all my details to make sure I'm not lying (um, what if I am? Are they just going to leave me like this?). This was possibly the worst part. Being there without him. About 10 million nurses are coming past me shouting things in Polish, poking and prodding at me and I don't have a clue what they're saying. I started crying at this point because it was so bad, it wasn't even the pain, I had more or less forgotten about it, but I was SO dizzy to start with and my head was spinning. All these people running round me talking in languages I didn't understand was just horrific.

So finally Daniel gets back and they start treating me. They gave me some medication which was meant to stop the contractions, turbutilin (?) and something else. They were throwing out loads of other medical terms about what it could be - but of course Daniel couldn't translate them, he didn't even understand what they were himself!

They ran some tests and told me I was definitely going to have to stay overnight. Daniel stayed with me because it was just so horrible, I actually can't describe how lonely I felt there - despite the fact there were about 1000 other people in the hospital (I'm just guessing!) and I had Daniel with me. I was so scared something was really wrong with Mia, I never had any problems with Dakota and had such a textbook pregnancy so far.

Monday morning and my own Doctor came to see me. It was SO great finally getting to see him and talk English. He explained everything that was going on (my contractions had more or less stopped by this point and I was looking HOME!). The checked my cervix and it was completely closed (THANK GOODNESS), so they ran some other tests.

Yesterday was just mostly spent lying about and hoping there were going to be no more. My Doctor wanted to check everything out himself and make sure the contractions weren't going to come back. Anyway, all the test results came back and I was told I more than likely just have an irritable uterus.

Isn't that a lovely term! I have no idea how or why it happened, my uterus was completely unirritable with Kota, so this is a first. There is a high chance I may have been a little dehydrated which brought it all on - but they think it may be caused by my kidneys or bladder (meaning it gets worse when I need to pee!). So I have to make sure I pee often, haha!

I also have to take it easy (no more playing in the snow!) and just managed to skip out on bedrest. So I have to look after myself and Mia a little more. There is a high chance I may continue to get contractions but they should be harmless, caused by my lovely irritable uterus! Next time I get them, my Doctor told me to feel free to come into him specifically so he could make sure, but as my cervix is closed, we think Amelia just likes to give Mommy a scare now and again!

Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers,


Prayers please

Just rang the Doctor and they said to come in because I had been having over 4 "contractions" per hour, I know I am going to look so stupid if it hasn't been proper contractions but that is exactly what they feel like. Better to be safe than sorry and I definitely don't want to risk anything! So please pray everything is ok!

Thanks, Anna xx

Feeling so horribly sick

I have no idea what has come over me the past few hours, I just feel terrible. Like I actually can barely stand. Just wanted to make this post to see if anyone could have any idea what it is - I am cramping like made (ALMOST like contractions) and my head is actually just spinning. I threw up this morning but at least then I could be sick and move on. Now I feel awful, ugh. I hate always complaining, but just wanted to update on what was happening "today".

Fun in the snow pics!

They didn't turn out as great as I hoped, but you get the idea, she was really intrigued by it all! Then she touched it and cried. Haha. But we got her mittens and she was fine again, was a fun experience for Mommy too! Dakota is now my excuse to have loads of fun in the snow!

Miss Fashionista

I just love this outfit on her. How cute? Tights are seriously the best invention ever. Can dress up any summery dress. We are going to be able to reuse so many cute summer dress from Kota for Mia, will save tons on the buying new clothes! So that is my cheapie tip for the year, have another kid close and it doesn't matter if they are born at the other end of the year, just use TIGHTS! If you have opposite genders - unlucky! Hehe!

Some snow!

Woke up this morning to snow, I am so happy! I love snow, growing up with crazy amounts of snow I missed it when we moved to the UK! There is not enough to "have fun" in it yet, but it has been snowing all day - tomorrow there is meant to be loads! Hopefully it will stay so I can take Dakota out in it, her first time in proper proper snow! Yay!

Some pics from Ultrasound day!

Ok, no idea but my photos always come out the wrong way round! But enjoy, the pictures basically tell themselves. We had a great day - so glad we took Dakota. Even though she didn't completely understand, she loved poking my belly!

Wordless Wednesday - Crazy Girl!

For real this time! Buggie is a...




It's a GIRL!

I am so excited! Everything is great, she is just beautiful (as beautiful as beans can be!) and measuring right on time. I still can't believe I am having another girl! I had been having different feelings about what I was having, but still, when you find it, it's always a surprise! Now I can really start planning for my life with 2 girls! How exciting! :D Dakota was as good as gold and behaved really well, she kept wanting to see my belly (since it was the main focal point of the event!). Still in shock, but good shock. I am so happy everything is ok too, she is just perfect! =)

Buggie is a.....

How about asking me tomorrow?

"Big" US at 1pm. I am beyond excited to FINALLY see my new baby and find out the gender! Eeek. I will update as soon as I find out. In the meantime, who wants to guess?

Last night

We had a lot of fun last night! It was a lot better than I was expecting. Except for the fact I couldn't communicate with most of the people there, the music was turned up so loud you could do nothing but smile anyway! I was thankful for that!

The meal was lovely and Dakota wasn't too cranky. She enjoyed dancing and "making friends" with the majority of the other kids there. Of course she looked like a princess in her Christmas dress.

Daniel decided he would get up on stage to sing. Hmmmm. At least he is "fitting in well" at work. I will not comment on the standard on the singing!

Work party!

aTonight we are going out to Daniel's Christmas work party. He didn't even tell me he had one until yesterday, never mind the fact it was for the whole family! So now I have to search out something to wear. Give me an excuse to go out for a nice dinner before I got married and a mother and pregnant, and I would have loved it.

Now, it just seems like a pain. Dakota is going to wear her Christmas dress! I was going to save it for Christmas, but she doesn't really have any other "Christmassy" dresses that fit. For Mommy, who knows.

Professional "Western" Pics

We got these done almost a month ago and I think I just forgot to ever post about them, they came in the mail today though and I am pretty happy with how they turned out. I saw the stall in town and just had to have them done! I also apologize for my useless scanning that has turned them wonky, but you get the idea!

We have NEVER had any sort of professionals pictures done before so it was nice to get some to have! :)

Maybe wonky should be the new style?

Daily dose of bathtime cuteness!

It feels like I haven't done a bathtime cuteness post in a LONG time! Boy, they were my favorite.

So this is a, bathtime cuteness with Mommy playing about with the camera! I wanted to try out the on camera black and white and sepia settings which I had NEVER discovered before, ooops!

I got a few cute ones, it helps when you have a totally cute subject (if I may say so myself!) who is really enjoying herself! I think the brighter ones turned out best. I am just happy I managed not to be splashed, she enjoys her time in the bath a little too much these days.