Removal Vans.

OK... the removal van came yesterday and now has all our possessions on the way to Poland! Wow, great.

Except for the fact we are still at our home here.... with barely anything. We rented our home furnished, so there is still some furniture remaining, but we have a few outfits each... a fridge and a few bits of food, sofa, beds.... thats it. Dakota's crib is still here as we have now sold it on to a friend and DH's Mom has a new crib waiting for her there.

The removal van is jam packed.. and we still had to leave a good few things behind.

But living in a basically empty house is WEIRD. This laptop is the only means of entertainment about. The baby either lies in her crib or sits on the sofa with Mommy and Daddy! Food is basically anything in the fridge.. its getting down to the stuff we really don't like but need to use up now. Great, yum.

So this is my let off for now.. jazzing up my new blog! If anyone has any tips about cool things to do, let me know! I'm bored as crap. Fun fun fun.

Love, A xo.

The most important thing to happen to me.

OK... so I had this post started. A great big long life story of mines! But then I got fed up. You're silly if you want to read all about my life... I was born on 23rd August 1986... I have one sister.. a half sister and 3 half brothers... I met my husand Daniel in October 2003 and married him on 5th August 2006! I grew up with my Mom in Timmins, Ontario.. and with my Dad in Kenora, Ontario. I moved to the UK age 19 to be with my sweetie.. theres not much else to know!

Except on Thursday 4 October... 5 days late, a baby was born. My baby! =) Dakota Lily Kowalski was born weighing 8lb even and 21.5 inches long. The most important day of my life! She is my everything.. and growing up so quickly.

She is now 8 months old and just getting more beautiful each day! I don't know how I could live without my Kota girlie... and I am pretty sure a great chunk of this blog will be about her. She makes my world go round! She can stand up all by herself without even holding onto anything. She is such a smart and advanced baby... I am so proud of every new thing she does and love boasting to really anyone who will listen!

Here are her monthly pictures! I will warn you in advance that I am a major picture taker... so I can imagine daily photo posts from me.. hopefully y'all can bear with me on that! I love showing off my family! :)

Love, A xo

Who am I?

Hows this for a first blog post... I'm Anna.

I've set up this blog, due to the fact in 3 days time I will be moving. Moving somewhere.. different. My dear husband Daniel is Polish.. and we have had, quite a few money problems recently. So off we go to Poland, to live with his family, for a while anyway.

I am going somewhere... I cannot speak the language. I cannot utter one word of Polish! I am sure I am going to get on fantastically! On top of that.. we are moving with our 8 month old baby daughter Dakota Lily. The pressure of a baby added onto all of this!

I have never blogged before so please forgive me if it takes me a while to get started, but hopefully I'll going on this.. and if you happen to come across this blog, I would love to have you onboard for the journey, of the forseeable future for me!

I guess I better post a pic to let you get a better idea of us before we go.. Enjoy!

Love, A xo.