Removal Vans.

OK... the removal van came yesterday and now has all our possessions on the way to Poland! Wow, great.

Except for the fact we are still at our home here.... with barely anything. We rented our home furnished, so there is still some furniture remaining, but we have a few outfits each... a fridge and a few bits of food, sofa, beds.... thats it. Dakota's crib is still here as we have now sold it on to a friend and DH's Mom has a new crib waiting for her there.

The removal van is jam packed.. and we still had to leave a good few things behind.

But living in a basically empty house is WEIRD. This laptop is the only means of entertainment about. The baby either lies in her crib or sits on the sofa with Mommy and Daddy! Food is basically anything in the fridge.. its getting down to the stuff we really don't like but need to use up now. Great, yum.

So this is my let off for now.. jazzing up my new blog! If anyone has any tips about cool things to do, let me know! I'm bored as crap. Fun fun fun.

Love, A xo.
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  1. Hey there! I don't know when you'll get a chance to read this but I hope everything goes great with the move!!!

    There are some blog background websites that I can send you - maybe next week sometime. Andif you ever have a question, please ask. Also,use your 'HELP' feature - that's how I find out most things - I just type in what I'm looking for and voila! I think your blog looks great though!