Not ready to give the exersaucer up just yet

Dakota is in LOVE (notice how it says it on her t shirt.. haha!) with her exersaucer. Still.. I don't know what age babies are meant to fall out of love with it??

She is 10 months soon... and I was considering not bringing with us to Poland because I thought she was getting so much more mobile and wouldn't want to be limited to one place in it! But she is still in it.. playing away.

I told MIL she is welcome to it as soon as her baby arrives - ANY DAY NOW! Well she is not getting it just yet, although I know her baby won't be ready for it for a few months. But I didn't think Dakota would still enjoy it, I am starting to worry about her getting too big for it and still wanting to play in it!

Love, A xo.

The sun will come out tomorrow!

OK... so yesterday, I complained the whole day about how overcast it was. I knew the sun was there.. just hiding, somewhere.

So today I got up and low and behold its here! Wow it is so warm, but I am loving it. We might have another day at the pool or something, I think it is definitely the warmest day since we arrived here!

The camera is being charged at the moment otherwise I would go and take a picture of it, might take one later and add it in! But the weather is glorious. Not so glorious for heavily pregnant MIL... but glorious for me none the less :)

Love, A xo.

Added a music player!

OK, so I added a music player to the bottom of the blog. Hope you all like it... just wanted to make this post to REMIND myself of the username for the website.

I hate websites like this, where all the usernames seem to be taken.. and your "usual" username never works, so you have to make up something you will never remember. So my username for that site is mrs.kowalski06

I admit it.. not so difficult, the exact same as my email address, but with my scatty mind this is the only way of remembering it!

I will most likely edit it every so often to add my new fav songs... so enjoy :)

Love, A xo.

Daily dose of bathtime cuteness!

Some more pics.. of one of our favorite times to take pics.. BATH TIME! Ooh yeah.

This is one spoilt girl with waaaay too many toys.. look at the amount of bathtoys she even has! Timmy turtle is her favorite though.. haha!

New layout.

I made a new banner for the top of my blog with images on I love that site except for the fact that half of the time it crashes my computer! I can't decide whether I like this new look or not... I'm a minimalist.. though I think this looks more professional and like I actually know what I'm doing (which I totally don't).

I also fiddled around with the font colors and things so it would match a bit better.. let me know what you think and you true bloggers can give me some hints, haha :)

Love, A xo.

Dare Devil Dakota.

OK so on another of our numerous trips to the poool... Dakota decided she was going to try her trying to get up to standing position on concrete with nothing to hold onto. Not a smart move. As you will see... she got stuck. Daddy just lay in the pool laughing at her until Mommy started worrying and came over to rescue her, then got teased by Daddy!

Here are a few more of Dakota and a more relieved Daddy playing in the pool! He is the biggest ham around with his stupid goggles.. he says he can't swim without them. Pft.

Love, A xo.

Daniel got the job!!! :)

The job he really, really wanted that pays the most and does the most for his qualifications... oh I am SO excited right now! I really thought he hadn't got any of them because no-one bothered to contact him but he rang up today and they told him he had got the job! Why could they just not have told him earlier?

But anyhow, it doesn't really matter anymore!

I am so excited for US! Not just him.. me and Dakota too =) He starts on the 4th of August... so less than 2 weeks! 9-5 Mon-Fri job with high prospects of promotion.


Now I can go to bed and sleep happy!

Love, A xo.

Kiss please Kota.

My kid is so cute!

Yesterday I said to her.. "You wanna give Mommy a kiss?" I always say that and then kiss her anyway.. but yesterday she puckered up and made this kissy noise and closed her eyes! It was SO cute. I didn't have my camera ready and when I tried to get her to do it again she wouldn't.. but it was so cute. It makes me feel a bit better about the fact she isn't talking much too, she definitely understands what I'm saying anyway. It really cheered me up!

Love, A xo.

Trip to the park.

OK today was so super boring so Dakota and I decided to go check out the park! It is great and we had so much fun.... it is waaay better than the park back in Scotland, so yay for some cheap fun! We spent like over a hour there, she didn't want to come off the swing for like 30 mins!

So I spent.. NOTHING today. Yay for saving money. Still no word from Dan's job apps though. I am starting to worry for him.. though you think it'd be good manners to contact us. I want him to ring to check up on them.... but he doesn't want to seem pushy. Better pushy and getting told either way so that if he hasn't got the job he can go out and get something else.

But I am having not so much sympathy for him since he is in a bad mood tonight.. actually all day.... so I just wind him up even more. Lovely wife I am.

Love, A xo.

Sleeping through the night.

Well Kota slept through the night last night.. though she didn't go down to 12 it was a nice surprise, I was expecting her to be back up at her usual 5am slot but she slept right through to 7.. then took a bottle and went down again until 10! Woohoo!

Anyway today I have to fill out the MOUNTAIN of forms the Gov office gave me.. and Daniel is sitting at home worrying about the jobs. We still haven't heard anything back from any of them though his parents say not to worry it usually takes them this long to get back and even if he hasn't got the job they will get back to him! Usually in the UK they get back to you within a day and it will soon be a week since he went for one of the interveiws! But I guess we just have to sit back and not worry... hope for the best!

Love, A xo.

Sleeping beauty.. FINALLY.

12 at night and she is FINALLY asleep! These are pics from her ONE nap today at like 1pm... 11 hours ago! My 9 month old baby stayed away for 11 hours straight and was hyper and clingy every single one of those hours. Lord help me!

Love, A xo.

My baby is too smart for her own good.

Can y'all see that? Her eye is peeking open a lil. PRETENDING TO SLEEP. It's her greatest new trick... she heard MIL coming and thought "OMG don't bother me anymore please" and closed her eyes, but Mommy caught her peeking.

J/K.. that may not be the reason why she is pretending to sleep but I came back in like 5 mins later and she was standing up on the side of the crib (as usual!).

Love, A xo.

This baby is driving me CrAzYyYyY!

Well anyway, a certain someone had not wanted to sit still for the past week and just crawls about the house at about 100mph CONSTANTLY. How I wish I had a kid who would watch the TV!

While MIL chases her round the house like a crazy lady I just sit back and laugh. Dakota ignores absolutely everything she says..... I find it funny for a while until Kota bangs her head for about the millionth time and I go into Mommy panic mode and decide I should go and tell her off. Then she crawls away again and I go chasing for a while.

I'm an evil lady sitting watching MIL suffer... I would love to just whip out the camera. Though I am aware I look just as silly. Kota has gotten the whole house wrapped round her little finger!

Love, A. xo

Bathtime in Kota's world.

OK... thought I'd let you into a rather typical bathtime round here.. in which Mommy ends up soaking wet.. what a change there, NOT!

It all starts off lovely and civilized. I in my chair enjoying the water and a good book!

But Mommy makes the mistake of taking me out of the chair.. here I am thinking up my escape plan!

Time to go for it.. I bolt across the bath.. soaking Mommy in the process.

Oh no.. shes caught me again. I wasn't expecting that one!

Well.. I ended up back in the chair this time.. but this is only one time. I'm getting bigger and stronger it won't be long before I make good my permanent escape!


ARGH. Crappy connections.

My connection is so slow today. Well.. I have no idea if its slow or not but I cant have tabs open because no more than one site will open at a time. The connection is OK I think but it just won't load... sometimes it loads like so quick even quicker than normal and then other times I could sit there for 5 mins before it comes up "the page cannot be displayed." Theres something crazy going on with my internet! Aaaah.

Love, A xo.

"Hey Mom, it's time to get up!"

Every time I wake up in the middle of the night.. any time, this is what I look over and find! I don't think this baby ever sleeps. Then once she has seen me looking at her, the whining and whinging starts. She ends up in our bed. Mommy is too much of a wimp to CIO! Please tell me they grow out of this.

Love, A xo.

Kinda down.

Wow... I managed to get through 11 posts without making a completely self-centered depressive post. Am I allowed to make one now?

Anyway... I don't know, just I feel like everything is starting to get to me. Like we planned this move without really thinking at all. I could list all the things we need to consider that really we haven't. I can't move out of the house to go down the street to even get the newspaper. I have no Dr or health insurance... if anything happens to me or I need any sort of medical assistance I can't get it without going private and they have huge waiting lists. We can't afford to let me go private.

We can hopefully get Dakota enlisted in healthcare, which she needs as she is still a baby and needs her own checkups. BUT, we cannot choose who her Dr is, leading to the fact they will probably only speak Polish and I will not be able to communicate with them at all.

I need Polish speaking classes. Guess what. We can't afford those either. Ugh.. it just seems everything I mention to Daniel we "can't afford". But it's ok for him he's back in his own country with his family and he can speak the language. I knew I would feel this way and he has promised me he will try and help me in whatever way he can, but it's just hard. Very, very hard.

That depressive enough for now? Meh, I'll be back later.

Love, A xo.

Dakota's first time in the pool!

OK.. I lie slightly. She has been in the pool before, just never the pool here. Only on our vaca in Florida.. but this time we have an outdoor pool only a block away! It's great!

Mommy, Daddy and Dakota all had a great day there and can't wait for some more trips to the pool!

"Wow Mommy this is fun!"

Dakota rocking the hats as she always does.. I think I can be known as THEE hat Momma!

Full of giggles!

Going for a swim!

"What do you mean its time to go home????"

Love, A xo.

Brangelina twins arrive.

OK.. I know this blog is meant to be about my life but I can be non-vain sometimes ya know?! :)

WOW on the press coverage they have gotten..... remember the days when everyone HATED Angelina for "stealing" Brad off Jen and now it definitely seems to have been forgotten! I'm not really going to comment on that but she does seem to do a fantastic job with the kids!

I cant believe she has SIX now... it seems like it was only a few months ago she had none!

On the names..... Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon

I love her girls names (Zahara and Shiloh) and while I don't like Vivienne just as much as them, I think it will grow on me and I'll like it OK. Its sweet she used Marcheline after her Mom!

Knox.. definitely not so much. I strongly dislike Pax.. and feel the same way about Knox. Maddow was always "just ok" in my books. So I'm not a fan as much of the boys names especially with all the x's its bound to get confusing (from the woman who if she ever has another girl would love her to have a nn beginning in k to go with kota!). Though I do like Leon, its a hit with me!

But congratulations to the family, they certainly will have their hands full now!

Neat new presents!

"Loook Mom, it wasn't such a bad idea leaving the jumperoo at home, look what I got instead!"

She is such a spoilt baby. She loves it though.. shes been climbing up and down and all over it trying to move on it! Her balance is great. Also, is it just me or do her legs look awful skinny here? I swear usually she has the fattest thunder thighs! Heh.

Love, A xo.

Dakota's first encounter with a fan!

Back in Scotland.. there were no need for such things as fans! We were cold enough, we needed heated up! Here however is a different story. I'm sure from some of you 80 sounds cold... wishing you had that. But it's hot for us... and VERY humid! So much infact that we had our first outdoor pool day today (pics to come later!).

But in the midst of this...... we discovered a fan. We kept it beside Kota during her nap yesterday and low and behold this is what I came back to! She LOVES the thing!

Love, A xo

Walking ALREADY!

OK... Dakota is so close to walking! She really doesn't have far left to go... she'll move now with me just holding one of her fingers. She hasn't quite got the confidence to let go and go solo just yet. She'll stand and cry if I let go of her hand!

I would say she'll be walking in a few weeks. Wow... 9 months and walking. My girl is so clever!

Some new pics! =)

OK here we go with a photo post! I'm going to try and not overload with too many at once though I have seriously thousands lying around from the last few months I have never uploaded to the internet. Yep I'm a camera nut!

But here are the ones of us with Daniel's sister Helena. Isn't her bump so cute for 38 weeks? By that point I was really like a house... though I can't admit to hating it as I loved being pregnant!

....and an old preggo pic of me just for luck!

We've been out for a few walks since we arrived.. the weather is a lot more summery than in Scotland so it allows Dakota to make use of her lovely summer outfits! :)

Here is Helena talking on the phone. How interesting! No.. my point with this one was the house in the background. Our temporary home. I love it and everything... its a gorgeous house in a beautiful area (note how green it is! I wasnt expecting that), but I am definitely reminding Daniel every second of every day about how it is only for a while. How long we'll see..... I'm hoping we can have our own place by Kota's birthday (so October). Though it all depends on how the job hunts go!

... and here are just two from a selection of semi-new-never-posted-on-the-net-pics! =)

She is the biggest ham about. I love it! =)

Love, A xo