Arrived and Settling Down!

We've arrived!

Well, actually we arrived nearly 10 days ago now! So sorry it's taken me this length of time to get online.. but this blog is the first thing I have updated so I think I'm doing pretty good considering I've just started it! At least I hope so! Hopefully now I will be updating like crazy.. and maybe get some readers, that'd be nice!

Our flight arrived and everything was on time, Daniel's family are lovely. Their english is fantastic and I have never once yet felt left out of a conversation, theres always someone to translate for me.. and I'm picking up little snippets of Polish. OK, only like two words so far, but it's a start!

When Daniel first told me we'd all be in one room at his parents, I was very apprehensive, downgrading from having our own house.... to sharing a house and only really one room to ourselves to share with the baby! But the room is really big with its own ensuite and everything! I don't think we can express to his parents how grateful we are right now!

Another really exciting thing is that his sister is 38 weeks pregnant with her first baby! She lives just down the road and all the focus is on her right now! She is having a little girl so I think it will be a great playmate for Dakota! She is such a sweetie and her English is possibly the best out of the whole family! Just as good as Daniel's. I'm quite happy about the focus being on her right now as well.... we have been able to get some peace and quiet to settle down!

I think this is quite long enough for a non-pics blog so I will leave it at that!

Love, A xo
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  1. Laurie Says:

    I'm so glad you've arrived and given me this link for me to stalk you whenever! Send the kid kisses from her Auntie Lauren!! Remember I'm only a phone call away (dont think about the cost of it!!!!!!)

  2. So glad y'all are getting settled in!!! Yay for Dakota having a playmate!