Bathtime in Kota's world.

OK... thought I'd let you into a rather typical bathtime round here.. in which Mommy ends up soaking wet.. what a change there, NOT!

It all starts off lovely and civilized. I in my chair enjoying the water and a good book!

But Mommy makes the mistake of taking me out of the chair.. here I am thinking up my escape plan!

Time to go for it.. I bolt across the bath.. soaking Mommy in the process.

Oh no.. shes caught me again. I wasn't expecting that one!

Well.. I ended up back in the chair this time.. but this is only one time. I'm getting bigger and stronger it won't be long before I make good my permanent escape!


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  1. Brent & Tory Says:

    That's ADORADLE and looks like so much fun! Dakota too of course!