Daniel got the job!!! :)

The job he really, really wanted that pays the most and does the most for his qualifications... oh I am SO excited right now! I really thought he hadn't got any of them because no-one bothered to contact him but he rang up today and they told him he had got the job! Why could they just not have told him earlier?

But anyhow, it doesn't really matter anymore!

I am so excited for US! Not just him.. me and Dakota too =) He starts on the 4th of August... so less than 2 weeks! 9-5 Mon-Fri job with high prospects of promotion.


Now I can go to bed and sleep happy!

Love, A xo.
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  1. Chell Says:

    Yay, Anna! That has to be a load off your shoulders! I am so happy for him, and for you and Kota!