Kinda down.

Wow... I managed to get through 11 posts without making a completely self-centered depressive post. Am I allowed to make one now?

Anyway... I don't know, just I feel like everything is starting to get to me. Like we planned this move without really thinking at all. I could list all the things we need to consider that really we haven't. I can't move out of the house to go down the street to even get the newspaper. I have no Dr or health insurance... if anything happens to me or I need any sort of medical assistance I can't get it without going private and they have huge waiting lists. We can't afford to let me go private.

We can hopefully get Dakota enlisted in healthcare, which she needs as she is still a baby and needs her own checkups. BUT, we cannot choose who her Dr is, leading to the fact they will probably only speak Polish and I will not be able to communicate with them at all.

I need Polish speaking classes. Guess what. We can't afford those either. Ugh.. it just seems everything I mention to Daniel we "can't afford". But it's ok for him he's back in his own country with his family and he can speak the language. I knew I would feel this way and he has promised me he will try and help me in whatever way he can, but it's just hard. Very, very hard.

That depressive enough for now? Meh, I'll be back later.

Love, A xo.
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  1. MrsMoma Says:

    Aw, this is kind of lte, but i'm sorry you were feeling so down. I can't imagie being in a new must be tough. I hope it gets better!