Not ready to give the exersaucer up just yet

Dakota is in LOVE (notice how it says it on her t shirt.. haha!) with her exersaucer. Still.. I don't know what age babies are meant to fall out of love with it??

She is 10 months soon... and I was considering not bringing with us to Poland because I thought she was getting so much more mobile and wouldn't want to be limited to one place in it! But she is still in it.. playing away.

I told MIL she is welcome to it as soon as her baby arrives - ANY DAY NOW! Well she is not getting it just yet, although I know her baby won't be ready for it for a few months. But I didn't think Dakota would still enjoy it, I am starting to worry about her getting too big for it and still wanting to play in it!

Love, A xo.
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  1. Kaycee Says:

    EEK! Your MIL is having a baby?? That must be weird. LOL I think she can play in her excersaucer as long as she wants :)! She is soo cute in it.