Sleeping through the night.

Well Kota slept through the night last night.. though she didn't go down to 12 it was a nice surprise, I was expecting her to be back up at her usual 5am slot but she slept right through to 7.. then took a bottle and went down again until 10! Woohoo!

Anyway today I have to fill out the MOUNTAIN of forms the Gov office gave me.. and Daniel is sitting at home worrying about the jobs. We still haven't heard anything back from any of them though his parents say not to worry it usually takes them this long to get back and even if he hasn't got the job they will get back to him! Usually in the UK they get back to you within a day and it will soon be a week since he went for one of the interveiws! But I guess we just have to sit back and not worry... hope for the best!

Love, A xo.
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