Some new pics! =)

OK here we go with a photo post! I'm going to try and not overload with too many at once though I have seriously thousands lying around from the last few months I have never uploaded to the internet. Yep I'm a camera nut!

But here are the ones of us with Daniel's sister Helena. Isn't her bump so cute for 38 weeks? By that point I was really like a house... though I can't admit to hating it as I loved being pregnant!

....and an old preggo pic of me just for luck!

We've been out for a few walks since we arrived.. the weather is a lot more summery than in Scotland so it allows Dakota to make use of her lovely summer outfits! :)

Here is Helena talking on the phone. How interesting! No.. my point with this one was the house in the background. Our temporary home. I love it and everything... its a gorgeous house in a beautiful area (note how green it is! I wasnt expecting that), but I am definitely reminding Daniel every second of every day about how it is only for a while. How long we'll see..... I'm hoping we can have our own place by Kota's birthday (so October). Though it all depends on how the job hunts go!

... and here are just two from a selection of semi-new-never-posted-on-the-net-pics! =)

She is the biggest ham about. I love it! =)

Love, A xo

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