This baby is driving me CrAzYyYyY!

Well anyway, a certain someone had not wanted to sit still for the past week and just crawls about the house at about 100mph CONSTANTLY. How I wish I had a kid who would watch the TV!

While MIL chases her round the house like a crazy lady I just sit back and laugh. Dakota ignores absolutely everything she says..... I find it funny for a while until Kota bangs her head for about the millionth time and I go into Mommy panic mode and decide I should go and tell her off. Then she crawls away again and I go chasing for a while.

I'm an evil lady sitting watching MIL suffer... I would love to just whip out the camera. Though I am aware I look just as silly. Kota has gotten the whole house wrapped round her little finger!

Love, A. xo
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  1. Maddy is the exact same way. The only time I got her to watch Baby Einstein was when she had a 101.5* fever!