Daily dose of cuteness! :-) **OVERLOAD**

Couldn't help myself, she is just too cute. You also must agree, has way too many toys.

Huge grocery shopping.

I did a pretty big grocery shop yesterday. The biggest I have done since I arrived here anyway. Dakota was in a good mood and for once wasn't trying desperately to find the best way to escape from the cart, so I decided to get everything while the going was good. There were a few things I'm not quite sure if I bought the right type - and I had no idea what any of the shop assistants at the check out were telling me, but other than that I got through it ok.

Oh and my first Polish lesson is tonight! Eeeek eeek eek!

Love, A xo.

Chocolate's not good.

I have eaten 4 bars of chocolate today.. yep.. FOUR.

Now I feel sick and bad for eating them all. Heh.

Love, A xo.

Pics from yesterday.

I guess it's not MY new friend, more Dakota's new friend!

Love, A xo.

Visit from a potential friend :-)

A lovely lady I met at church came over to visit today. We had a lot of fun.. she doesn't have any children but she is GREAT with Dakota and I was so grateful for some adult English interaction.

ILs are great at English I do have to give them that but I have to force myself to speak slowly and things, I know sometimes if I speak fast they just look at me completely unsure of what I just said!

So it was nice to babber away again! I took some pics, I will post later.

Love, A xo.

Wordless Wednesday - More Bathtime Fun

Zippy The Zebra

My kid is spoilt for choice when it comes to stuffy, furry animal toys. She has WAY too many, the collection just keeps on growing. Her recent favorite however is Zippy The Zebra. Thanks to Grace & Michael for "Zippy" he is an instant fav. :)

Love, A xo.

How to count to 10 in Polish.

BASICALLY impossible.

OK, so today I decided, before my first lesson on Saturday, I want to get my head round a few things. It is difficult. Doesn't make any sense at all. Loads of consonants in a row, those letters together just aren't MEANT to make sounds.

But here we go. All are said with a horrible Eastern European accent. Heh.

1 = Jeden. "Yay-den" Easy enough as it's the first letter. Even I have managed to get my head round the fact J is prn. almost like a y.

2 = Dwa. Just prn. as it looks, not too hard.

3 = Trzy. "Tray", that is not entirely correct, there is a "zzzz" sound in there somewhere.

4 = Cztery. "Stare - ay" Again, with a zzz sound added in somewhere. Don't ask me how or where!

5 = Pięć. "Pee-ench" No idea what those signs mean, but they confuse me a whole lot. Make the words sound completely different.

6 =
Sześć. "Sayscht" Can't think of any other phonetics to describe it!

7 =
Siedem. "Shay-dem" Easy peasy.

8 = Osiem. "Osh-em" Almost like Ocean said stragenly.

9 =
Dziewięć. "Jay-vinch" =|

10 = Dziesięć. "Jay - sinch"

Those prn's are complete guesses for a lot of the letters, this is HARD. 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10 I think I am just going to skip on. Everytime I go to the shop I will only ever be asking for 1, 2, 7 or 8 amounts of things. Decided.

Test yourself HERE, see how my prn's were. Hard hard hard.

**If anyone knows how to get youtube videos to actually appear in posts, let me know!**

Love A xo

Escape artist.

I don't know how much longer this stroller is going to do us with Dakota. If I strap her in she screams blue murder, but now she has started trying to escape, even while it's moving!

Took these pics while we were at home, she LOVES standing up in it, refuses to sit down and starts screaming if I try to get her to sit down. Once she gets a bit steadier on her feet, I think I am just going to take her by the hand or reigns or something. I know they are not for everyone but I don't know how much longer she is going to sit in the stroller.

Don't you just love that evil, mischievous look in her eyes, she knows she is doing something she is not meant to be doing and LOVES it! Ppppffft!

Then when she is told "NO" she changes the look to innocence and I "I don't know what I am doing wrong". Of course she does, smart baby! :P

Love, A xo.

Daily random cuteness :)

Miss Dakota setting up on one of her "missions". She walks with her arms flying around everywhere. Weird child. Sorry she is not fully dresses, warm day, lazy Mom.

Dakota and her pet doggie. Our neighbor got a puppy (I need to get her round and take pics, it is the CUTEST thing), so MIL bought her this "little" toy. She loves it... I keep encouraging her to say "puppy", I know it is a kinda difficult word.. but it's better than MIL who keeps encouraging her to say the Polish version of puppy. "SZCZENIĘ". Not happening.

Her eyes are identical to mine now :) I love it. People have started commenting on how she looks like me and not DH. Haha to him.. she was born with completely blue eyes, but now they are mostly green with a tinge of blue, just like Mommys.

Love, A xo.

Lovely day.

All over for another year.

So weird to think it was my birthday again today. A day that comes once a year. I sat today thinking and trying to tell myself "remember this moment, you will never turn 22 again." Maybe I just think too deeply or am a strange caracter, but I find it intriging. Quite sad as well, one day which flies in so quickly. I'll never be 21 again. My youth is now completely gone, though I think in the past year, becoming a mother and having a more traditional housewife role has really helped me to grow up. I needed it as well, I'm glad of it.

There ain't no rest for the wicked. Or the housewives. I wouldn't have it any other way though :)

Dakota was sooo amazed by the balloons at the "party". She was in love with them, she didn't let go of it barely at all. One of them got popped and she didn't even get scared. Now, that is one brave baby. Mommy on the other hand, let out a massive scream. She doesn't get the courage from me!

Love, A xo.

Happy Birthday to me!

So, I turn 22 today. Ouch. Birthdays are starting to get harder.

But it's been a good year.. possibly the best year ever for me. Though we have slight "difficulties" here and there, this year has overall been the best of my life.

Why? I met my daughter, my everything :)

In the middle of a "party" right now, so I better get back, but I will be back later

Love, A xo.

Cute new outfit :)

Thanks Auntie Lauren! I love it.. it's so cute. It's a bit big on her yet and I am aware the hat she had on doesn't really match, but it was just too cute I had to put her in it for the day! Now all we need is a pair of really good proper walking shoes for her, we don't have any yet. Anyone know any good international brands??

Love, A xo.

Dakota not feeling her best

Kota woke up this morning and started crying straight away which first off is not like her but not completely out of the ordinary. She usually just wakes up and makes so much noise trying to escape that I get up and bring her into our bed (bad Mommy I know!). But she hasn't been eating half as much as she usually does and has just lay on the sofa all day and been extra clingy and whingy. MIL thinks she is "just tired".... I actually hope so, don't want to have to deal with a sickly baby!


I've given in. Yep, it isn't actually that bad either. Wow, I can work it. Ish. I mean, I can add friends and join groups :) I'm so smart.

Turns out there are over 100,000 people in the Poland network, so I guess there's bound to be a few "friends" within those 100,000.. isn't there? Also, came across a ton of people from school that I had not forgotten about but no doubt they will have forgotten about me and on seeing my pictures think "oh yeah, what happened to her?" Oh gosh, how to start explaining!

So I guess you can find me by searching Anna Kowalski? I doubt if there will be many others out there!

Love A xo.

More Bathtime Cuteness :)

She is just in love with the bath and her wayyy too many bath toys. She would easily sit in there for an hour until I fish her out and tell her it's time to "go sleep" now. Which she never wants to.

She is in love with all the toys making noises! Especially this orange one here, when you squeeze it it squeaks. Some of the others do too, but this is her favorite squeaky noise!

She is now completely reluctant to sit in her chair at bathtime, which scares the crap out of me! But luckily she does not try and stand up much when she is in the bath, she is walking around now so I hope she is strong up to stay sitting up in the bath! I just have to keep my eyes on her like a hawk, incase she decides it would be "fun" to stand up!

Oh yeah, splashing out of the bath is another sure favorite. I usually end up with a great bath myself from OUTSIDE the tub! :)

Love, A xo



Dakota is in love with custard. I swear she would eat it again and again and again. We had some baby custard for her before, but now we've just updated her to the normal custard and she would eat away at it! She loves it... manages to get herself pretty messy with it though!

She is just after scoffing a whole 150g tub herself (well, Mommy fed her). I think she would have eaten more had we had any more in the house as well! She only had her dinner about an hour ago.. she has some appetite!

Love, A xo.

"Higher Mommy, Higher!"

We decided to take a day out at the park. Another one.. we are ALL about free fun at the minute! Park = free and lots of fun. What more could we want?

Dakota's favorite at the park is definitely the swings. She starts giggling as soon as soon as she sees them and doesn't stop until we try to take her out, when she usually cries! She would sit in the swings all day - which I would let her, but feel a bit guilty when a queue of other children waiting to get on the swings starts to form behind. Of course, she isn't bothered about this.

Just have to add here - my kid is the queen of sunhats. Sometimes she tries to pull them off, but she is getting better with them. It makes Mommy a lot less worried that she will get burnt as well - even though I put sunblock on her (and myself) at the first sign of the sun peaking from behind the clouds. It's how we maintain the pale complexion! Haha.

She's not scared of much. The higher we push her the more she screams with delight. I know I am going to have my hands full with this one in years to come!

Oh, and a new thing. Sucking her thumb. I'm not quite sure what to do about this.. she's only done it a few times. We never gave her a paci and she was quite happy without one.. now and again she'd choose to stick stuff in her mouth she really wasn't meant to, but never seemed like she needed a paci and never used her thumb as an alternative. Until now. I don't want to develop into a habit.. so am keeping a close eye on it. Try to take it out and tell her "no" every time she puts her thumb in. Any other Mommies had problems with this?

Love, A xo.

New Blogger Dashboard

I'm in love. :D

If only changes to other websites could be as suttle as this... instead of changing the whole site when everyone was fine with it the way it was. Hint.. babycenter.com

Oh well, I need to put my big girl panties on about it.

Love, A xo.

Thoughtful Thursday

So, today I have been thinking. A lot.

About my relationship with God. I became a Christian in late 2005 and it was the greatest decision I ever made. Having a relationship with Him has made me a stronger and happier person. I hope it has made me a better person, and with his help I can continue to improve as a person.

But recently, I've been slacking off a bit. Finding it increasingly difficult to find places to worship when I don't speak the language. I went to mass once with Daniel, but didn't understand a word and felt very down about it for a few days. But I have prayed about it and felt I was spoken to.

So this morning, I awoke and decided I was going to do a deep search online. I have found now at least 3 English speaking congregations in Warsaw alone. I had no idea they had places like this. I am overjoyed about it at the moment. I am going to print out the details about them and show them to DH when he gets home. Hopefully he can help me find the one closest to where we live, and I will be there on Sunday!

Praise God :)

Love, A xo.

NB: I hope not to offend anyone with posts of my beliefs. It is not made in that way and I am very respectful of other beliefs and in fact love hearing about them, so I hope you would enjoy hearing about my faith.

She just can't wait to get into the bath!

She now will not even wait until the bath is filled up to get in! She stood at the side of the bath and whined so that I lifted her in while the water was coming in... then she stuck her hand up and giggled. So cute :)

Love, A xo.

Yes, I haven't been around.

That's right.. Anna's been BUSY!

I want to unteach my baby how to walk. I only THOUGHT crawling was bad.

Kassia Pic!

Stole from MIL's camera because when we were going to the hospital I didn't bring mines with me. I know, I know.. not like me! But I seriously didn't know we were going until like 2 minutes before and then I was busy getting me and Dakota ready! So I forgot it! But there you go. She looks so big and alert yet pink and just newborn like :)


Oh and my BABY took like 20 steps across the living room floor today. I had no idea she could do that... stop her growing up please!

Love, A xo.