Daily random cuteness :)

Miss Dakota setting up on one of her "missions". She walks with her arms flying around everywhere. Weird child. Sorry she is not fully dresses, warm day, lazy Mom.

Dakota and her pet doggie. Our neighbor got a puppy (I need to get her round and take pics, it is the CUTEST thing), so MIL bought her this "little" toy. She loves it... I keep encouraging her to say "puppy", I know it is a kinda difficult word.. but it's better than MIL who keeps encouraging her to say the Polish version of puppy. "SZCZENI─ś". Not happening.

Her eyes are identical to mine now :) I love it. People have started commenting on how she looks like me and not DH. Haha to him.. she was born with completely blue eyes, but now they are mostly green with a tinge of blue, just like Mommys.

Love, A xo.
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