Feeling a bit down.

Feeling like complete and utter shit actually (pardon my language.)

Sorry for the vent that is about to come up.. I warn you all in advance (or you.. or anyone that actually reads the blog, probably not many so therefore I'm talking to myself, at least it lets stresses out) :

I miss my family so much. I lived in the UK for THREE years before moving here, and yes I missed them, but it wasn't like this. I think it is possibly the mixture of the complete language barrier and having a baby.

Having a baby puts such a different light on things. I want my family to share in the memories. My Dad and his family have never even met Dakota... my Mom came over once at Christmas but hasn't seen her since. She has come on so well and I just wish they were here to share in at all. I was on the phone to Lauren earlier today and it just all came back.

We all promised to each other we would meet up for Dakota's 1st birthday. Now my Dad has informed me his family definitely won't be able to come and it's doubtful if my Mom will either. She would probably have to get 3 /4 different flights to get to here. We don't have the money to go to Canada, though I would love it so.

I guess it will be another case of just pictures and webcam chats and kisses for the grandparents, though I wish I could just see them again.

Don't mind me! I know this post has no real point but it makes me feel a crapload better just to get it all out :)

Love, A xo.
2 Responses
  1. Kaycee Says:

    Aw! I'm so sorry girl. That seems terribly difficult. I can't even imagine. I have no advice, just wanted to offer support.

  2. Lauren Says:

    I'm so sorry.. I miss you so much and that beautiful girl of yours. You know once I get the money saved up meeting up with you will be the first place I come. I just hate all money problems these days! I love you and stay strong for yourself and Dakota xxxxxx