Health Insurance.

Do you all reckon I need to be health insured?? Haha.

Well after today I have come to the conclusion YES because the snob that I am I will not be attending a Polish hospital like the one SIL is in at the moment. Yep, I'm a snob who is also going to take a part time job as a cleaner in a few weeks.

So today I got out the forms to fill out for health insurance. The Polish Gov. covers citizens free as they pay taxes and get free health insurance - as I don't want to change my citizenship to Poland, I don't get it. Dakota is dual-nationality and entitled to it. So that's her and DH covered. Though they never contacted me about a 9 month appointment and have not yet done so about a 10 month one though I got DH to phone twice and explain to them the vacc. she has gotten so far and ask them when she will need her next ones etc. I am going to ask him to do it again soon because I don't want her to get way behind, she missed out on 9mo completely, I weighed her and measured her myself at home but only to fulfil my own sheer curiousity!

So, back onto me. How dare I let the subject slip to my child?!? ;) So, because I don't want to become a citizen of this country, I have to pay for my own healthcare. Same as in the USA, though I have never lived there I know it's the same system as um... ALL (?) my online friends are from there. Crazy. So if I get myself some health insurance, I will be entitled to healthcare and an English speaking Dr should anything happen (good for someone who wants another baby before too long.. when we get back on our feet with our OWN place).

But, as everything is, more money down the drain. Good job there were no other applicants for my cleaning job! Though I have not yet comfirmed I will take it, I think I need to!

Love, A xo.
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