"Higher Mommy, Higher!"

We decided to take a day out at the park. Another one.. we are ALL about free fun at the minute! Park = free and lots of fun. What more could we want?

Dakota's favorite at the park is definitely the swings. She starts giggling as soon as soon as she sees them and doesn't stop until we try to take her out, when she usually cries! She would sit in the swings all day - which I would let her, but feel a bit guilty when a queue of other children waiting to get on the swings starts to form behind. Of course, she isn't bothered about this.

Just have to add here - my kid is the queen of sunhats. Sometimes she tries to pull them off, but she is getting better with them. It makes Mommy a lot less worried that she will get burnt as well - even though I put sunblock on her (and myself) at the first sign of the sun peaking from behind the clouds. It's how we maintain the pale complexion! Haha.

She's not scared of much. The higher we push her the more she screams with delight. I know I am going to have my hands full with this one in years to come!

Oh, and a new thing. Sucking her thumb. I'm not quite sure what to do about this.. she's only done it a few times. We never gave her a paci and she was quite happy without one.. now and again she'd choose to stick stuff in her mouth she really wasn't meant to, but never seemed like she needed a paci and never used her thumb as an alternative. Until now. I don't want to develop into a habit.. so am keeping a close eye on it. Try to take it out and tell her "no" every time she puts her thumb in. Any other Mommies had problems with this?

Love, A xo.
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