How to count to 10 in Polish.

BASICALLY impossible.

OK, so today I decided, before my first lesson on Saturday, I want to get my head round a few things. It is difficult. Doesn't make any sense at all. Loads of consonants in a row, those letters together just aren't MEANT to make sounds.

But here we go. All are said with a horrible Eastern European accent. Heh.

1 = Jeden. "Yay-den" Easy enough as it's the first letter. Even I have managed to get my head round the fact J is prn. almost like a y.

2 = Dwa. Just prn. as it looks, not too hard.

3 = Trzy. "Tray", that is not entirely correct, there is a "zzzz" sound in there somewhere.

4 = Cztery. "Stare - ay" Again, with a zzz sound added in somewhere. Don't ask me how or where!

5 = Pięć. "Pee-ench" No idea what those signs mean, but they confuse me a whole lot. Make the words sound completely different.

6 =
Sześć. "Sayscht" Can't think of any other phonetics to describe it!

7 =
Siedem. "Shay-dem" Easy peasy.

8 = Osiem. "Osh-em" Almost like Ocean said stragenly.

9 =
Dziewięć. "Jay-vinch" =|

10 = Dziesięć. "Jay - sinch"

Those prn's are complete guesses for a lot of the letters, this is HARD. 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10 I think I am just going to skip on. Everytime I go to the shop I will only ever be asking for 1, 2, 7 or 8 amounts of things. Decided.

Test yourself HERE, see how my prn's were. Hard hard hard.

**If anyone knows how to get youtube videos to actually appear in posts, let me know!**

Love A xo
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