Lovely day.

All over for another year.

So weird to think it was my birthday again today. A day that comes once a year. I sat today thinking and trying to tell myself "remember this moment, you will never turn 22 again." Maybe I just think too deeply or am a strange caracter, but I find it intriging. Quite sad as well, one day which flies in so quickly. I'll never be 21 again. My youth is now completely gone, though I think in the past year, becoming a mother and having a more traditional housewife role has really helped me to grow up. I needed it as well, I'm glad of it.

There ain't no rest for the wicked. Or the housewives. I wouldn't have it any other way though :)

Dakota was sooo amazed by the balloons at the "party". She was in love with them, she didn't let go of it barely at all. One of them got popped and she didn't even get scared. Now, that is one brave baby. Mommy on the other hand, let out a massive scream. She doesn't get the courage from me!

Love, A xo.
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