More Bathtime Cuteness :)

She is just in love with the bath and her wayyy too many bath toys. She would easily sit in there for an hour until I fish her out and tell her it's time to "go sleep" now. Which she never wants to.

She is in love with all the toys making noises! Especially this orange one here, when you squeeze it it squeaks. Some of the others do too, but this is her favorite squeaky noise!

She is now completely reluctant to sit in her chair at bathtime, which scares the crap out of me! But luckily she does not try and stand up much when she is in the bath, she is walking around now so I hope she is strong up to stay sitting up in the bath! I just have to keep my eyes on her like a hawk, incase she decides it would be "fun" to stand up!

Oh yeah, splashing out of the bath is another sure favorite. I usually end up with a great bath myself from OUTSIDE the tub! :)

Love, A xo
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