Daily dose of cuteness... **blockway show** =)

Here she is looking cute. Clearly enjoying her new "blockway show" toys. She is in love with it, I got it off ebay. Crazy, I am starting to love that site again. Even on the Polish site they have a LOT of English things though they are quite often p&p from the UK. But hey, it is a LOT cheaper than the p&p from US or Canada, so I have to be thankful for that. I have got a ton of cute things for little to nothing, included some things for her birthday... (it won't be a complete no effort put in event after all!). She loves these news toys, played with it happily most of the day.

As you can see, she is just about getting the final use out of her summer clothes. It is still pretty hot here, I really don't want it to go cold. :(

Love, A xo.
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