Heath Insurace confirmation...

FINALLY arrived today. Over a month after I ordered it.

So here's the background - I have to get insurance as I am not entitled to the free healthcare here. Being the snob I am, not sure how I would cope with it anyway. I definitely want an English speaking Doctor. I sent away with my money and everything etc, around the 10th August (I made a blog about it and took note) believing it would arrive a week later.

Over 3 weeks later when I had discovered I was pregnant, wanting to get things organized, I rang the company. They told me it had been sent out but probably just hadn't arrived yet. I said it that I was under the impression it was meant to arrive after about a week, they told me yes it was. I said, "Oh, but I sent away over 3 weeks ago" they said it must be the posting company's fault and not theres. I explained my situation and they said they could not start looking into available Drs etc. for me until I had my insurance confirmation.

When I asked if it got lost in the post, they said wait another week and see if it arrives. It didn't arrive.

Rang again, asked them to send out my confirmation again. They finally agreed. This time it arrived, just over a week later. But at least it's here.

It has nothing on it except the number to ring and my details which I got for confirmation. I don't see why they could just not have started getting things organized before! Now I have to ring up again (tomorrow because I left it too late today) and they said it may take up to a month to find a Doctor. Also, with this company, it will probably take 10 months instead of 1. In which case, the baby will already be here.

I only want to get things confirmed! Jeez.

Love, A xo.
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