So this morning, Dakota went down for a nap around 10am and I put her back in her crib for a while as I was going to church. When I came back from church, 2 hours later, Daniel was down in the room with her, she must just have woken up.

I went down and while entering the room I said "Wheres my Kota baby?" and as I went in she started giggling and goes "iyaa". I'm pretty sure it was meant to be hiya, as I say that to her a lot. It was SO cute. I am the proudest Mommy ever right now, I know she is 11 months but she has definitely been more of a walking baby (since 9mos) than a talking one and with 2 different languages going on around here it's bound to be confusing.

Just thought I'd share saying as I am beaming about it right now!

Love, A xo.
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