Well, as you all know, Dakota hasn't really been talking much yet. I haven't been worrying about it as all babies are different and I think the walking has really been her strong point (set off at 9mos!).

But anyway, this morning I was getting ready for church and Dakota was still in her crib. She has called me Mama before but I have never really been bowled over by the sincerity of it, always convincing myself her mouth just randomly made those sounds or it was really to me.

But this morning she started whining "maaamaaa maaaaaamaa" from the crib. I looked over at her and she started giggling. She did it again and I looked over and said "Yes Dakota?" She laughed her head off for a while longer and then repeated "maamaaa maamaa" and then made a come here signal with her hand. It was so cute. I went over and picked her up and told her "well done" and she just giggled even more! I am so blessed.

Love, A xo.
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