Recent good things.. :D

Today I started work as a cleaner at a local school. Snobby Anna is gone forever. I LOVED it... it was so much fun to just get out. Though I had to use this buffer machine that was a bit stronger than me... my muscles are soon going to be built up super well! Like basically EVERYONE there speaks English, it is a British schoool. Wooohoo.... :-) Anna senses some more potential friends. I didn't know so many English families lived in this city. They must just be hiding! 2 hours a day went in so quick, Dakota was fine for 2 hours with my Mother in Law.... it's just great! Not great pay but as I think I've mentioned here before, it's not about the money for me at all.

I also don't think I blogged about my first Polish class on Saturday. It's a class for the English though there are only 3 of us in the class, the other two are both men a bit older than me, but it was still nice company. We just got comfortable with some of the letters and things, definitely hard enough for a first lesson if you ask me!

Think that's all I've got to update on :)

Love, A xo.
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