Electricity off tomorrow!

I am saddened. I will have no compy, no TV, no LIGHTS.. for a whole day! Ugh. They are switching it off due to a "possible safety hazard." Better than having a safety hazard around but I wish they could fix it some other way! Haha. So just letting everyone know unless I don't get anymore posts done tonight, I will be back on Friday! :)

Wordless Wednesday - How I love this little smile!

Rain rain go away, come again another day

Or wait, maybe don't come again another day. I am fine without anymore rain for a while! Decided to go out for a job this morning and take Dakota. Lovely and sunny when I left- so I didn't bother taking the cover.

Started pouring, out of nowhere. So not only did I get wet, my baby got wet and her stroller is absolutely drenched. She was such a sight when we got in I felt so bad, Mommy to the year here. She has been sneezing since :(

But hey, look on the plus side of life - it made me job a whole lot faster to get home!

Dakota's First Birthday Siggy!

Finally got snagged at simplychic! Love it! :) I'm still coming to terms with the fact she is one! I still need to post her progression pics as well, but I will save that for another day!

Clocks back an hour!

OK, so the clocks went back an hour last night. Dakota was up at 6am instead of 7am this morning, although I have to say I forgot I had an extra hour in bed and jumped out of bed only to go around wondering why when I came on the comp it was an hour behind what I thought it was! Oops. I hope this doesn't put her off schedule too much. But now we really are heading into the winter, no fun! But I am thinking of the plus sides, by the time next summer comes around I will be a Mommy of 2! Crazy huh?

clock Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh and I added comment verificationg to my blog, so I will verify all comments before they post! Not that I am worried about what anyone will write - I just want to make sure I don't miss any, I love reading all the comments I get!

Siggies on NBBC

Funny how you wish for something for months and complain about how it is not there and then when you get something it annoys the crap of you and you hate the feature after like, 2 hours?

13 weeks - unlucky for some!

Woot, I am 13 weeks today. Deciding to do it a little different this week, not sure if everyone really wants to read a copied and pasted article on what is happening in the 13th week of pregnancy.

I really hope this isn't going to be an unlucky week. I feel blessed the last few weeks - despite the tiredness I have almost been back to normal. No 1st trim sickness and no humongous belly or swollen feet just yet!

Dakota was playing with her "baby" that she got for her birthday yesterday, when I tried to explain to her she was getting one of her own. She knows it is "her baby", she understands when I say "Do you want your baby?" and things, so I told her "Dakota is going to get a real baby." She just looked at me dumbstruck! Yes yes, I now realise how stupid it is to try and explain to a 12 monther she is going to be a big sister! I guess she will find out when the baby comes.

She hasn't really noticed any bump yet either - I haven't noticed it though my belly is getting "harder", less squishy! You think Dakota would notice this from running into it full blast, but she doesn't seem to have noticed a difference. I am really interested to see how she will react whenI get a whopping big one!

So, I think that is all for this week, nothing else to add except I am thanking God for another safe week in this pregnancy! :)

Thankful Thursday..

This week I am thankful for...

..My baby sleeping. Well, strictly speaking, I am thankful for my toddler sleeping. Reasonably well. Better than usual! I needed it, pregnancy tiredness is hard.

..To have made it to unlucky number 13 (13 weeks today!)

.. My hair brush. I am aware how random this sounds, but seriously. I lost my hair brush a day last week and I was LOST without it. My hair was just so, eugh. So thanks... hairbrush!

Stunt lady

My kid has been performing some more of her crazy tricks again! She has got the best balance in the book! Scares her Mommy a lot of the time! Of course Daddy thinks it is hilarious. All Mommy can see is why was she allowed to run around with bare feet and look how close that thing is to tipping over! All 23lbs of her is on that!

New little name blinkies! :)

Oh, I love these. I entered my name in a competition of sorts - well actually it was first come, first serve - over at simplychic and was one of the first 10 to enter! I get cute blinkies made for a week! I love them so far, they keep going until tomorrow definitely, not sure about Saturday - but I have so many to choose from! They are no doubt going to be making an entrance on my blog pretty soon, for now - here's a Halloween one. Using it up until Halloween, I am thinking this could be my new "name" at the bottom of posts, what do you think?

Only 65 days until Christmas...

Why is everyone all of a sudden mentioning Christmas? We aren't even done with Halloween yet!

It's all I've heard the past few days, "Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!" I am going to sound really old but it really does go quicker every year - come on, last Christmas was only last week! Eeeeeek, it's true, I'm getting old.

But anyway, very excited for this Christmas, Dakota will be a lot bigger and able to enjoy it more, very excited to see the look on her face when she opens all the presents, gift wrap is her favorite thing in the world! So that will be fun! I can't believe I have hopped on the Christmas bandwagon and am now talking about it too. Hahaha, Christmas cheer everywhere! Am I driving you crazy yet?!

- Anna


VOTE on my Name List

I know I said we were "almost" decided on names - but there are of course many others still floating around in my head. So, please spare a minute and go and vote! :) Remember the baby will have a big sister Dakota Lily and they will probably get called some sort of nn, even if I did not put a nickname down there! Not promising I will go with what you vote on, but I do appreciate lots of input in seeing what other people like! We are trying to stick with the Polish theme, which is why some of the names are a little "different"

Thanks - Anna

This weekend!

I am actually going to get up and do something - I hate the wasted weekends we have these days. It is Daniel's only time off and we usually waste it sitting in doing nothing!

So today we are going to take Dakota to an indoor play place and then hopefully go out for dinner all of us, it's so nice having him because he can translate and things and I don't feel nervous going into places like "what if they say something to me I don't understand I don't know what to do..."

That's our plans for the day!

Oh and it is terribly cold here right now but I am reeeeally wanting an ice cream. Preggo much?

- Anna

Thankful Thursday!

Going to start this new feature, going to post something that has happened in the last week that I am thankful for. I need to keep reminding myself of this, think it's a great feature and will hopefully improve moods overall! Certainly makes me feel better.

So anyway...

This week I have been thankful for the lapse in morning sickness. A chance to actually EAT! I feel so much better because of it and it has really got me feeling better. I hope it stays away for good - but having this week has let me renew my strength and feel like I have the power to keep on trooping!

What are YOU thankful for this week?

- Anna

12 weeks

Ugh. Ignore my hands. Yes, I hate my hands. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, sorry. They totally give away the fact I'm not really 22. Heh. I joke. I really am. Promise.

Anyway, here is the "premade" 12 weeks. I seriously can't believe I am this far already. Not really any bump yet, the squidgy belly is getting harder but that's all really. I want my baby bump!

Look at that. I have a baby in there.

"Your baby's face is beginning to look more human -oh yeah, she's a human now- , even though she is only about 2 inches / 5.5 centimetres long from her crown to her rump and weighs slightly less than half an ounce/ 14 grams. The eyes, which started out on the sides of the head, have moved closer together. The ears are almost in their normal position on the side of the head. The liver is making bile and the kidneys are secreting urine in the bladder, -ugh, who wants to hear that? My baby can keep it in I'm sure-

The fetus squirms if your abdomen is prodded -bubba, Dakota says sorry in advance.- although you cannot yet feel movement. Fetal nerve cells have been multiplying rapidly and synapses (neurological connections in your brain) are forming. The fetus has acquired more reflexes: touching the palms makes the fingers close, touching the soles of the feet makes the toes curl down and touching the eyelids makes the eye muscles clench -what a smartie!-."

So that's all on that. OK, and if you count 12 weeks as the end of the first trimester, I suppose I am out of it now? So yay! Still a bit apprehensive but I really hope this marks a stage where I can relax a little!

- Anna

Wordless Wednesday - Look how small my baby used to be!

Word Challenge

OK, so I have become pretty obsessed with facebook of late. When you are newly preggo and so tired you can barely move, doing something on the computer sounds like a good "relaxing" time.

Facebook is my new obsession. Loads of people I had kinda forgotten existed, crazy! I find myself searching through profile and thinking "ooooooo yeees I remember you", I know I have no life, but it's interesting for me.

Word Challenge is my new favorite game. Another game to greatly highlight my stupidity and lack of good vocabulary - another reason why I should not write a blog. But hey, I still do it. If you're reading this, you read it too.

But, I have been improving. I am an example of practise makes perfect (Yes I know you want to say it... "but no-one is perfect so why practise?" but I don't allow you), the amount I have been playing this some day I was bound to get a new high score. So this is me now, someday soon I will break the 7000 mark. I am on the way to world domination I tell you!

6902. Not bad I hear you say. Salesmen are pretty good, intelligent, lots of vocabulary, right? Hey, maybe I should start selling stuff on here and see if you buy it off me.

I can do better? Aaaack. Pretty good for me I thought! But hey, at least I am improving. If I was awesome to start with, nothing to spend my days wasting away playing on! When everything else fails, there is always facebook!

Love, A xo.

First Appointment

Had my first Doctor's appt today! It went really well, I was very nervous as to what the Doctor was going to be like, but he is American and LOVELY. It's just basically like a whole English speaking hospital - no different from what I had with Dakota I don't think. So we just chatted about circumstances etc. (he said he wanted to get to know me better - maybe nosy is the right word?) and then he just got on with the appointment.

The baby is fine and measuring fine for the dates I had. He put my EDD at April 30th (I had been going mostly by May 3rd - but the quicker I get to meet the baby the better!) so I am happy and in agreement with that. Estimated caculators round the internet were giving me different EDDs ranging from April 29th - May 3rd so it's nice to have an actual "EDD" now.

Funny, Dakota was also due on the 30th of the month, a month which only had 30 days (September!). Weird, I'm hoping I don't go overdue with this one though!

So he just checked me over and said everything was perfect - he weighed me and said I could do with chunking up a little but not too much and I didn't have to change my eating habits, the baby seemed to be developing just fine and he reminded me to take prenatals which I said I had already been taking. So everything there is fine.

He got at me with the doppler and I got to hear the heartbeat. Then I was really upset that I was there on my own and hadn't tried to schedule it for when Daniel wasn't working - but I was just happy to get an appointment and unbelievable overjoyed finally to get things confirmed and everything is fine! Hearing the heartbeat was very special, makes it seem more real!

Dr doesn't want to see me again until December though. I was like - whaatt? when I first heard but I am not so bad about it now. He says if I have any problems don't hesistate to call him. I go back on the 10th Decemeber for an ultrasound, hopefully find out if we are having a girl or a boy and all that. I am surprised they booked me in already as it is 2 months away, but it gives me something to look forward to. Plenty of time for Daniel to book off work as well, hehe! :)

Love, A xo.

My family

Are driving me up the wall! Uggh!

Dakota is like a flippin angel compared to this lot. Need to grow up a bit!

OK. Rant over. Complete waste of a post but I don't really have anything else to say today!

Love, A xo.

Signature Showcase

After getting the idea from Chell I decided I would make a thread to show off all the siggies I have ever had made as well! Not quite as many as her, but some cute ones even so. I'm a little disappointed we can no longer have them on babycenter - but may still keep getting them made for the private board I go on that you can have siggies. Just because I love seeing them! Thank you to all the ladies @ simplychic who have made me a siggy before, as you can see, they are all incredibly talented! They are a little out of sync because of the way blogger uploads them, **sorry**. Oh and they could be bigger but if you click on "view pic" they should get bigger for you! Hopefully!

- Anna

Update on Polish lessons!

I have just figured I haven't commented recently on how well Polish lessons are going. There isn't really much to say about them - I can count to 10 and say please and thank you, foods, colors etc. and a few other things. At the lessons they seem to just be concentrating on SPEAKING Polish, I still have no idea how to spell half the words of the phonetics of the language but right now I would just be happy to speak any sort of Polish. It is a difficult, can I say weird (?) language. But I am getting there!

- Anna

Dakota's 1yr stats

My baby is....

23lbs and 32ins!

They didn't tell us the percentiles but from what I can see on the net she is around 70% for her weight and 90% for her height! She is going to be a tall lady! Other than that she is absolutely perfect!

Love, A xo.

Wordless Wednesay - *I LOVE My Mommy*


OK, my dreams have been getting pretty crazy recently. Can we say very weird?

Bit of background info, for my whole life I have never remembered my dreams after I wake up. Ever, they just go from my memory and while I can remember if it was a good or bad dream, I can't remember what I dreamt about, but they could just be as wacky as before, I just never remembered them.

Anyway, for an example and laugh for you all - last night I dreamt I was Minnie Mouse. In the suit and everything. Then MIL and Dakota came to visit and I tried to tell Dakota that it was Mommy in the suit but she didn't understand because she thought it was Minnie and meanwhile MIL was doing some evil laughing in the background.

The joys of a pregnant woman's imagination! I think better not to inform MIL of this dream. She sounds like the wicked witch or something!

Love, A xo.

10 weeks.

I'm in double figures, already. Just wow. Please let this mean the sickness is over soon, I have been feeling not so bad the past few days so I am thanking God and keeping my fingers crossed it a sign of not so sick times to come!

"Your pregnancy: 10 weeks

How your baby's growing:

Though he's barely the size of a kumquat -a kumquat, whaaa?- — a little over an inch or so long, crown to bottom — and weighs less than a quarter of an ounce, your baby has now completed the most critical portion of his development -did you say HIS?!- . This is the beginning of the so-called fetal period, a time when the tissues and organs in his body rapidly grow and mature.

He's swallowing fluid and kicking up a storm. Vital organs — including his kidneys, intestines, brain, and liver (now making red blood cells in place of the disappearing yolk sac) — are in place and starting to function, though they'll continue to develop throughout your pregnancy. -crazy thinking how small HE still is. You said he, I say he too.-

If you could take a peek inside your womb -oh I'm sure that would be attractive-, you'd spot minute details, like tiny nails forming on fingers and toes (no more webbing) and peach-fuzz hair beginning to grow on tender skin -hair, already? My kid is one and has JUST started getting some.-

In other developments: Your baby's limbs can bend now -future gymnast?- . His hands are flexed at the wrist and meet over his heart, and his feet may be long enough to meet in front of his body. The outline of his spine is clearly visible through translucent skin, and spinal nerves are beginning to stretch out from his spinal cord. Your baby's forehead temporarily bulges with his developing brain and sits very high on his head, which measures half the length of his body. From crown to rump, he's about 1 1/4 inches long. In the coming weeks, your baby will again double in size — to nearly 3 inches.

How your life's changing:

At your next prenatal visit, you may be able to hear your baby's rapid heartbeat with the help of a Doppler stethoscope -please please!- , a handheld ultrasound device that your practitioner places on your belly. Many women say that the beating of their baby's tiny heart sounded like the thunder of galloping horses and hearing it for the first time was very moving.

Before you got pregnant, your uterus was the size of a small pear. By this week, it's as big as a grapefruit -pity some other parts of my body haven't turned into grapefruits. Still pears up there.- . Though you're probably not ready for maternity wear, you may find that your regular clothes are becoming uncomfortably tight and your blossoming breasts are straining the seams of your bra -NO! :(-. The thickening in your midsection is most likely due to slight weight gain and bloating at this point. In these transitional weeks between regular and maternity clothes, pants and skirts with forgiving elastic waistbands (or low-rise waistlines that sit below your belly) will provide some much-needed comfort.

Depending on your level of fitness, you can most likely participate in a wide range of activities during pregnancy. Swimming and walking are excellent choices for the whole nine months -waddling?- . Exercise promotes muscle tone, strength, and endurance — three qualities that can help you carry the weight you gain during pregnancy, prepare you for the physical stress of labor, and make it easier to get back into shape after your baby is born. (Unfortunately, there's no evidence that regular exercise shortens labor.)"

So there you go. All interesting interesting. Oh if I didn't mention it here I finally got my hands on a Dr and will be going for an appt on the 13th. Let me hear you say YAAAY! :D

- Anna

Dakota's birthday pics! :)

Overload I know, but it was such a special day. So if you're still reading this far, I assume it hasn't crashed your comp. If not, sorry. Oh and here's another chance to see the birthday video I made for her, a year in the life of Dakota! Wow.