OK, my dreams have been getting pretty crazy recently. Can we say very weird?

Bit of background info, for my whole life I have never remembered my dreams after I wake up. Ever, they just go from my memory and while I can remember if it was a good or bad dream, I can't remember what I dreamt about, but they could just be as wacky as before, I just never remembered them.

Anyway, for an example and laugh for you all - last night I dreamt I was Minnie Mouse. In the suit and everything. Then MIL and Dakota came to visit and I tried to tell Dakota that it was Mommy in the suit but she didn't understand because she thought it was Minnie and meanwhile MIL was doing some evil laughing in the background.

The joys of a pregnant woman's imagination! I think better not to inform MIL of this dream. She sounds like the wicked witch or something!

Love, A xo.
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