Word Challenge

OK, so I have become pretty obsessed with facebook of late. When you are newly preggo and so tired you can barely move, doing something on the computer sounds like a good "relaxing" time.

Facebook is my new obsession. Loads of people I had kinda forgotten existed, crazy! I find myself searching through profile and thinking "ooooooo yeees I remember you", I know I have no life, but it's interesting for me.

Word Challenge is my new favorite game. Another game to greatly highlight my stupidity and lack of good vocabulary - another reason why I should not write a blog. But hey, I still do it. If you're reading this, you read it too.

But, I have been improving. I am an example of practise makes perfect (Yes I know you want to say it... "but no-one is perfect so why practise?" but I don't allow you), the amount I have been playing this some day I was bound to get a new high score. So this is me now, someday soon I will break the 7000 mark. I am on the way to world domination I tell you!

6902. Not bad I hear you say. Salesmen are pretty good, intelligent, lots of vocabulary, right? Hey, maybe I should start selling stuff on here and see if you buy it off me.

I can do better? Aaaack. Pretty good for me I thought! But hey, at least I am improving. If I was awesome to start with, nothing to spend my days wasting away playing on! When everything else fails, there is always facebook!

Love, A xo.
1 Response
  1. Katie Says:

    I am jealous. I can't seem to bust 5,000!!

    Good job!!