"I love my cousin!"

I really, really can't wait for her to have her own little brother or sister to play with! She is great with Kassia, as you can see here! Except for constant watch needed from both Mommies that she is going to poke her eye out!

The ABC's of me!

Thanks Betsy (http://betsys4.blogspot.com/) for the tag, always fun to have a new game to play!!

A-Attached or Single: Attached. Been with Daniel for nearly 5 years now, wow!
B--Best Friend(s): My husband or my wonderful sister Lauren! I love you sweetie!

C--Cake or Pie: Um, cake. This is a bit of an obvious one for me!

D--Day of Choice: Um, Friday. I just love that "Friday feeling".

E--Essential Item: My laptop. I am sadly addicted.
Ehh, where's F?
G--Greatest Accomplishment: My family. Having a beautiful baby and another on the way.

--Hometown: I have to say Timmins, Ontario. I loved Kenora too, but I was only there during the summer - Timmins was my real home!
I--Indulgences: Mmmm Choccie! Any sort of food actually.
J--January or July: july, give me some heat anyday!

K--Kids: 1.5! I have a wonderful daughter who is nearly 14 months and #2 will be here April or May 09.

L--Life is Incomplete Without: My family, everything I do is for them.

M--Marriage Date: August 05, 2006.

N--Number of Siblings: 5. 1 full sister, 3 half sisters and a half brother! :)

O--Oranges or Apples: Oranges... mm. Seedless ones though please!

P-Phobias: Heights. Aah, I just freak!
Q--Quotes: "While we teach our children about life; they teach us what life is really about."
--Reason to Smile: Seeing my daughter smile

S--Season: Summer. Sun, yeeeah!

T--Tag 5 Friends: Going to leave this one. If you want to do the quiz, do the quiz. And say I tagged you if you want ;)

U--Unknown Facts About Me: Um. My full name is Anna Nicole, just like Anna Nicole Smith. Haha.

V--Very Favorite Store(s): Um, Zara. Love the baby clothes there!
W--Worst Habit: Venting about stuff that really doesn't need to be vented about!

X--X-ray or Ultra Sound: Ultrasound, because then I get to see my bubba!:D
Y--Your Favorite Food: Umm, has to be choccie doesn't it?
Z--Zodiac Sign: Virgo


Not trying to start any type of argument here, because I have researched everything and KNOW I will get the vaccine for Dakota. For me, the risk of measles, mumps or rubella is too great to not get. I have done my research and feel safe giving this vaccine to my daughter.

But anyway - The Doctor mentioned giving Dakota the MMR jab possibly next month. They try to schedule it for around 13 months but because she was getting her 12 month jabs this month we will probably wait until next month.

I am nervous though just because I hate taking her for vaccines. Yesterday when she got her vaccines she cried her head off and I thought I was going to cry too! It's terrible, I really am such a wuss.

Also, I am seriously scared about any sort of reaction. I have read a few blogs of ladies whos children have developed a mild form of measles or one of the others and it worries me. What happens if that happens to Dakota? I cannot be around a baby with measles. I didn't discuss this with the Doctor because his English is very limited and I was working a lot of the time with translations through Daniel! But I am very scared about that happening.

So to recap as I whinged on a bit :- I am sure I want to need to give Dakota the vaccine. The window of giving it to her is between 12 - 15 months so I can't leave it for a long time. However, I am pretty darn nervous about the chances of her developing measles and being close to me (preggers alert!), and was wondering is there anyone else who has been in that boat or has any solutions of what to do? I would love to know exactly the chances of developing a mild bout of one of the illnesses. I don't want to have to put my baby in isolation away from me!

More food please.

OK, so we took Dakota for a follow up check up at the Dr yesterday because she had to get some vax that she was behind on due to our move and everything getting out of sync. So now she is all caught up on her vax, thank goodness.

He weighed her again and she is 23lb 8oz. She hasn't put much on since she turned one but nothing to worry about. She is a nearly a whoppin 33ins tall! I have a supermodel on my hands. Anyway, because there is quite a gap between her percentiles, the Doctor asked how she had been eating. Well, I nearly fell off my chair. She eats SO well. Seems baby just can't be active these days? I guess he is just doing his job though.

Just updating she is a healthy munchkin! :)

Just a little girl in a big world.

So as you can see, Dakota does not want to sit in her stroller to go anywhere these days. She is far too big and grown up to sit in a stroller, she insists on walking EVERYWHERE. How those little legs don't get sore I have no idea. Even when I decide she must be tired and try to put her back in the stroller, she will start screaming again. So while we were out today I decided to take some "snapshots". Turned out pretty well I think, I like the way they emphasis just how tiny she is compared to the places we go! Oh and also to let you know, Daniel was also there keeping an eye on her. We usually don't let her wander without holding our hands but it was very quiet today and there were 2 of us both with all eyes on her!

Wishing I was having Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Even though we are not American and I have never celebrated it at this time of year, that is beyond the point. Despite the fact I am a preggo, it is not even the turkey I miss. Mmm.

No, more the.... togetherness. Of being together as a family. I know I sound so selfish here because I have been so fantastically blessed with a wonderful husband and beautiful daughter, but sometimes I just miss "my" family. My Mom and my siblings, I want to say my Dad too because I do miss him but if I was in Canada I don't know if it would make a ton of difference or if he would want to be "having thanksgiving" with me, which is saddening.

I've never been a homebird. I love travelling, as soon as I met Daniel I knew I wanted to move away with him and travel the world and discover so many new fabulous places which we have been doing and I feel so blessed and cultured to be the discovering the world in this way while I am still young, and hopefully will be able to show my children different cultures and ways of lives.

But a girl always misses her Mommy sometimes?

I haven't seen my Mom since Oct 07 when she came to visit us in the UK soon after Dakota was born. I miss her terribly! I haven't seen my sister or any of my other siblings since my wedding in August 2006. Yep, far too long. My sister is my best friend and missing her this much is awful! At least with her I can chat on the computer though, my Mom is terribly computer illiterate, she doesn't "manage" to get on much.

But I will be posting her the link and making a point that she reads this!

So Mommy, I miss you and love you!

Wordless Wednesday - Random Kota cuteness.

Daily ramblings

OK, so time for a few ramblings. I haven't had one of these posts in a while so I can allow myself to complain! I don't do it too often (see the sarcasm here?!)

So this morning I was feeling a little better and decided to get up out of bed and have Mommy and daughter playtime with Dakota, like we do every morning. Except I have missed out on it for the past week and really missed it, I was looking forward to getting back to it!

I had no longer set out some of the toys on the ground and told her to come and play then MIL comes over and tells me we need to wait a minute because Dakota needs to go potty now. WHAAAAT? I am then continued to be told that while I have been sick she has saved me all the hassle of setting up a permanent potty schedule because she has done it herself. Ick. I was really only joking before when I said MIL would probably be spending all her time sitting Dakota on the stupid potty but I wasn't far out.

The kid is only 13 months old. When she is ready, she will be ready. She isn't showing ANY signs of hating being in diapers yet and for her the fun of sitting in the potty is soon going to run dry if MIL is sticking her on the thing numerous times a day!

"Mommy why have you got fat all of a sudden?"

This is the face....

... Of a sick, tired Mommy who only thought she was getting better from the flu and is sitting here shivering like crazy now.

I felt so bad I got an emergency appt with my Doctor yesterday and he informed me I had the flu. Nothing I didn't know but I just really wanted to get checked out that it was nothing to do with the baby. Everything is fine and there's nothing to worry about as far as the baby is concerned, it's just horrible for me. Hopefully I will soon be over it. It is nearing on a week of sickness!

I do promise to try to be more active, I just don't even feel like making it to the computer the past few days. Yep, that's how bad it is!

Crazy Eights!

Thanks BETSY (http://betsys4.blogspot.com/) for the tag! Check her out, she's my belly buddy! :)

8 TV shows I love to watch

1- American Idol
3- CSI
4- Ugly Betty
5- One Tree Hill
6- The Simpsons!
7- Friends
8 -
Eh. The news? I like hearing what's going on!

8 Places I love to eat
1- McDonalds
2- Subway.... mmm.
3- My Mommy's house, how I miss it!
4- At home, with a takeaway. Lovely relaxing atmosphere!
5- Somewhere posh. Hehe.
6- Wendys - miss that place too!
7 - Um, there isn't really anywhere else? I guess I am picky.

8 Things that happened yesterday
1- I lay in bed feeling sorry for myself.
2- Dakota cried a load of the day.
3- MIL kept coming in to "check on me" & I wished she would go away.
4- I got on facebook for like 2 secs before I felt ill again.
5- Giggled when DH dropped the food on the way to the bedroom with food for me.
6- Cleared up the mess DH made even though I thought I would faint!
7- Listened to my ipod for a load of the day!
8- It rained. As usual.

8 Things I look forward to
1- Buggie coming!
2- Finding out if Buggie is a girl or a boy.
3- Seeing Dakota enjoy Christmas (hopefully she will enjoy it!).
4- Getting a proper preggo belly.
5- For it not to rain anymore.
6- Us to get our own house!
7- See my kids playing together.
8- Get RICH. If it ever happens.

8 Things I love about Fall
1- The pretty colors.
2- The thankful feeling
3- Changing trees
4- Playing in the leaves
5- Wrapping up in warmer clothes
6- Taking long walks while the sun goes down
7- Celebrating my baby's birthday ;)
8- Seeing the stars clear on a cold but clear night!

8 Things on my wish list
1- To have our own house.
2- To bring up 2 well behaved kiddos.
3- To travel more.
4- To make it up with my Dad.
5- Get a preggo belly!
6- Meet my new baby.
7- Buy some cute new clothes (for Kota).
8- Have an excuse to eat whatever I want right up until April/May!

Eeeeh, I hope I have enough friends to tag!

1- Danielle (http://sturgfamily.blogspot.com/)
3- Chell (http://nielabear.blogspot.com/)
4- Sherri (http://babynugent.blogspot.com/)
5- London (http://londonreese.blogspot.com/)
6- Candice (http://randysgirl716.blogspot.com/)
7- Suzi (http://suziandjoshellis.blogspot.com/)
8- Kaycee (http://lifeasamomat21.blogspot.com/)

TAG YOU'RE IT!! Please play, its fun!!

- Anna

Sick as a dog!

OK, what is it with me and sickness? I seem to have caught some other type of bug. Seriously had me bed ridden since Tuesday. I was super tired on Monday but I thought it must just have been from a busy day on Sunday with my niece's baptism (pics coming up!). Oh no, I went to bed Monday and couldn't get out Tuesday morning. Dakota woke up and I went to get her and my head just felt so light.

Of course I told DH and he thinks I am over exaggerating everything. It was not a nice sickness though. Ick. I am glad to be NEARLY over it. Blah. Not sure if it was a bad bug or it was just made worse by the fact I am pg. Was terrible having to try and stay away from Dakota too because I was scared to give it to her. So far she seems OK. Just meant I had to give in and let MIL have her way with her the whole day long! Poor child.

16 weeks pregnant!

Wooohoo, I missed this yesterday so just updating now! I have started to get some crazy cravings and eat way too much. Here I am enjoying some banoffie... mmmm! Not much else to report, still haven't felt the baby kick or seen him/her yet but it will all come soon enough! I didn't feel Dakota until 21/22 weeks so I am not worried!

Wordless Wednesday - Sneaky sneaky.

Dakota @ 13mos

I know I am like a week late with this, but I wanted to give and update on her! I feel like I haven't talked about all my little princess's latest tricks in forever!

Well, she is 13months now!

She can walk perfectly, no problem. She runs around like crazy and climbs on everything! Her favorites past times include trying to climb out of crib / carseat / highchair and worrying Mommy like crazy!

She has 10 teeth and a sharp bite! It hurts. She has her 4 middle top, 4 middle bottom and 2 top molars. She has the cutest teethy smile!

She is becoming more confident in her vocab. She says "Mama" "Dada" "Baba" (bottle) and "Waf" (bath) regularly and also is pretty good at "Yes" and "No" in either English or Polish! Yep, what a smart bilingual baby, although she prefers to just nod or shake her head! She waves hello and goodbye to everyone whether you are ready to go or not!

We haven't had an appt for her this month but I would say she is just over 23lbs and 32ins - she doesn't seem to have grown much since her 1yr, although I always think that, it's only looking at pics that I realise her growing!

InLaws Vent

OK, well more posts about rain. What is it with my blog and posts about weather? Ah well, it is the main thing I have to talk about right now.

Yesterday, I got up in the morning and it was pouring out. Daniel takes our car to work so I can't have it for the day. The ILs have their car though. I knew I had to go and work and I was kinda over complaining in the hope they would offer me a lift! But I never once asked. Well anyway, FIL (father-in-law) offered me a lift, said he wouldn't have me walking (over a mile might I add!) to work in the rain. So I was happy at this. He knew exactly what time my work started. No idea where he went but it came to the time when I had to leave and he was nowhere in site! So I had to walk. More, run because I was now super late and it was pouring down. I was soaked before I even got there. Then, no-one came to collect me either. I was thinking, "Gee thanks", but didn't say it.

I didn't complain the whole evening because I didn't want to seem ungrateful for everything they do for us, but if he was going to be going out he could have at least come to collect me! When I got home from work he was sitting with his feet up home from wherever he had gone and saw me completely soaked to the skin. Said nothing! Daniel was not in a great mood either throwing baby tantrums over the fact I bought sweet n sour sauce instead of curry sauce to go with the chicken and rice for dinner! So bad mood all round.

I was sneezing the whole evening. MIL asked me if I was ok and I just said it was probably the fact I had to walk to and from work. Then she went and had a long convo with FIL in Polish (just do I couldn't understand!). I didn't have a clue what they were saying but I got pretty worked up. I don't know what came over me but I was like "Whats happening?" I went and got Daniel and told him about it and he went to talk to them. I told Daniel exactly what happened and he said it's just "their way", I shouldn't have mentioned it. Well, SHE asked me if I was ok, I only said that I thought I was coming down with the cold from the walking. Then of course my preggo hormones I started crying! MIL came down to our room to see me and saw me crying and tutted and walked away. Then she told Daniel I was turning on the waterworks for attention! I have never seen this side to them before. I am pregnant, preggo hormones. I didn't want them to see me crying - she totally barged into my room because apparently it wasn't fair I was using Daniel as a go between and I was trying to get to them through him.

This has turned out way too long, I actually don't understand what they were bothered about. But just not a good day. Needless to say today I was very thankful it wasn't raining, I would say I will be walking to work a lot more now!

Daddy's Party

We had a small party for Daddy yesterday as we didn't do much on his birthday! I made a cake and some traybakes and we sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed eating them! Helena, Bill & Kassia came round too! Dakota especially enjoyed playing with the balloons and trying to escape out of her highchair while I was making the traybakes. She is such a daredevil. She won't sit still in anything these days!

Worldess Wednesday : "Up Dadddy!! It's Your Birthday!"

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!

OK, so Sunday was Daniel's birthday. I don't talk about him much on here or really give him what he is due a lot of the time so maybe I should!

He is great - I honestly couldn't live without him! We have our fights from time to time but he has saved me from so many things and given me that stability and relationship in life that I have always craved. Everytime I do something stupid or act immature or panic about anything, he is always there to calm me down and remind me everything will be ok! He is right as well, it has never NOT been ok so far! I just can't believe I found such a wonderful man to spend my life with!

I have to comment especially on how he is with Dakota. Seeing them together brings tears to my eyes some days because it is just so great for me to see the 2 people in the world that mean the most to me getting such love and happiness out of each others company! He is great with her and she adores him, I cannot wait to add our little buggie to the family and be a family of 4! I could go on and on and only get more sickingly cheesy with every line but I just thought I needed to add this post to show how much he does mean to me!

Yes, I know I've been gone AGAIN!

No excuse this time except the weather is terrible and I seem to be too busy and completely unorganized. Can't find a minute for the computer with this hyper kid and I am stuck in a bit of a runt over new ideas! In other words, help me please!

Getting some credit.

OK well recently Daniel has been trying to get us some credit to see if we could manage to get a loan or something we could put down on a house. We are making just enough a month as it is with eveything being so expensive, so we were hoping if we moved out of the house we could get some help with paying rent etc. Houses aren't that expensive round here but turns out the sums wouldn't add up! I am super annoyed, they won't give us credit anywhere. It is not like we have a bad history, we have never missed a single rent payment and Daniel gets paid above the average wage. But no, it is just a "bad time". Looks like we will be here with the ILs a while longer, I don't mind too much I guess. Once we find out the gender we are going to look into decorating the spare room, if it turns out we are having another girl we will probably go for a super girlie theme as ILs will have 3 granddaughters that could "make use" of the room, though Dakota will probably be in it for now! Just annoyed that NOWHERE would take us. We haven't even decided if we definitely wanted to move out, but now that decision has been made for us!

Do you like my new name? I have to admit I stole it from hotgraphix and it wasn't made exactly for me, so I feel kinda bad taking it! Not sure if I will use it as recently I have had so many nice new blinkies made for me! I now have a choice, which is great!! :)

Electric back!!

OK sorry I haven't been around - we had our electric cut off for like 14 hours to fix a "fault", which was hell. Like living in the 12th century or something! I was so lost, I thought.. right no computer.. lets watch the TV.. or just simple things like lets make a cup of tea with the electric kettle! Needless to say we spend most of the day out of the house making use of public places including parks and restaurants! Makes you appreciate simple things so much more though! Oh and I can now safely say the "possible health hazard" has been removed - well it better have been!