Dakota @ 13mos

I know I am like a week late with this, but I wanted to give and update on her! I feel like I haven't talked about all my little princess's latest tricks in forever!

Well, she is 13months now!

She can walk perfectly, no problem. She runs around like crazy and climbs on everything! Her favorites past times include trying to climb out of crib / carseat / highchair and worrying Mommy like crazy!

She has 10 teeth and a sharp bite! It hurts. She has her 4 middle top, 4 middle bottom and 2 top molars. She has the cutest teethy smile!

She is becoming more confident in her vocab. She says "Mama" "Dada" "Baba" (bottle) and "Waf" (bath) regularly and also is pretty good at "Yes" and "No" in either English or Polish! Yep, what a smart bilingual baby, although she prefers to just nod or shake her head! She waves hello and goodbye to everyone whether you are ready to go or not!

We haven't had an appt for her this month but I would say she is just over 23lbs and 32ins - she doesn't seem to have grown much since her 1yr, although I always think that, it's only looking at pics that I realise her growing!

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  1. Betsy Says:

    HOW FUN!! Mine is 14 months. DOes alot of the same. :) I love this age. :)