Getting some credit.

OK well recently Daniel has been trying to get us some credit to see if we could manage to get a loan or something we could put down on a house. We are making just enough a month as it is with eveything being so expensive, so we were hoping if we moved out of the house we could get some help with paying rent etc. Houses aren't that expensive round here but turns out the sums wouldn't add up! I am super annoyed, they won't give us credit anywhere. It is not like we have a bad history, we have never missed a single rent payment and Daniel gets paid above the average wage. But no, it is just a "bad time". Looks like we will be here with the ILs a while longer, I don't mind too much I guess. Once we find out the gender we are going to look into decorating the spare room, if it turns out we are having another girl we will probably go for a super girlie theme as ILs will have 3 granddaughters that could "make use" of the room, though Dakota will probably be in it for now! Just annoyed that NOWHERE would take us. We haven't even decided if we definitely wanted to move out, but now that decision has been made for us!

Do you like my new name? I have to admit I stole it from hotgraphix and it wasn't made exactly for me, so I feel kinda bad taking it! Not sure if I will use it as recently I have had so many nice new blinkies made for me! I now have a choice, which is great!! :)
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