Just a little girl in a big world.

So as you can see, Dakota does not want to sit in her stroller to go anywhere these days. She is far too big and grown up to sit in a stroller, she insists on walking EVERYWHERE. How those little legs don't get sore I have no idea. Even when I decide she must be tired and try to put her back in the stroller, she will start screaming again. So while we were out today I decided to take some "snapshots". Turned out pretty well I think, I like the way they emphasis just how tiny she is compared to the places we go! Oh and also to let you know, Daniel was also there keeping an eye on her. We usually don't let her wander without holding our hands but it was very quiet today and there were 2 of us both with all eyes on her!
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  1. Danielle Says:

    These are the cutest pictures!!!