More food please.

OK, so we took Dakota for a follow up check up at the Dr yesterday because she had to get some vax that she was behind on due to our move and everything getting out of sync. So now she is all caught up on her vax, thank goodness.

He weighed her again and she is 23lb 8oz. She hasn't put much on since she turned one but nothing to worry about. She is a nearly a whoppin 33ins tall! I have a supermodel on my hands. Anyway, because there is quite a gap between her percentiles, the Doctor asked how she had been eating. Well, I nearly fell off my chair. She eats SO well. Seems baby just can't be active these days? I guess he is just doing his job though.

Just updating she is a healthy munchkin! :)
3 Responses
  1. Denise Says:

    Dropping by from SITS. Your daughter is darling! Not to worry, my youngest is behind on her vaccinations too. It was either the flu shot (history of asthma and RSV) or her 15 month shots-- I chose the flu shot!

  2. KDLOST Says:

    hi!! here from SITS. your little one is so cute!! :) cheers!

  3. Betsy Says:

    WOW! SHe is quite tall. My oldest is 25lbs and 33.5 in tall :) Lol. Sounds like she's doing good though.