Sick as a dog!

OK, what is it with me and sickness? I seem to have caught some other type of bug. Seriously had me bed ridden since Tuesday. I was super tired on Monday but I thought it must just have been from a busy day on Sunday with my niece's baptism (pics coming up!). Oh no, I went to bed Monday and couldn't get out Tuesday morning. Dakota woke up and I went to get her and my head just felt so light.

Of course I told DH and he thinks I am over exaggerating everything. It was not a nice sickness though. Ick. I am glad to be NEARLY over it. Blah. Not sure if it was a bad bug or it was just made worse by the fact I am pg. Was terrible having to try and stay away from Dakota too because I was scared to give it to her. So far she seems OK. Just meant I had to give in and let MIL have her way with her the whole day long! Poor child.

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  1. Betsy Says:

    Things always seem worse when you are pg, partly cause you don't get to take ANYTHING!!