Not trying to start any type of argument here, because I have researched everything and KNOW I will get the vaccine for Dakota. For me, the risk of measles, mumps or rubella is too great to not get. I have done my research and feel safe giving this vaccine to my daughter.

But anyway - The Doctor mentioned giving Dakota the MMR jab possibly next month. They try to schedule it for around 13 months but because she was getting her 12 month jabs this month we will probably wait until next month.

I am nervous though just because I hate taking her for vaccines. Yesterday when she got her vaccines she cried her head off and I thought I was going to cry too! It's terrible, I really am such a wuss.

Also, I am seriously scared about any sort of reaction. I have read a few blogs of ladies whos children have developed a mild form of measles or one of the others and it worries me. What happens if that happens to Dakota? I cannot be around a baby with measles. I didn't discuss this with the Doctor because his English is very limited and I was working a lot of the time with translations through Daniel! But I am very scared about that happening.

So to recap as I whinged on a bit :- I am sure I want to need to give Dakota the vaccine. The window of giving it to her is between 12 - 15 months so I can't leave it for a long time. However, I am pretty darn nervous about the chances of her developing measles and being close to me (preggers alert!), and was wondering is there anyone else who has been in that boat or has any solutions of what to do? I would love to know exactly the chances of developing a mild bout of one of the illnesses. I don't want to have to put my baby in isolation away from me!
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  1. Betsy Says:

    It really isn't that bad. I have never seen any of the side affects. Both my girls had them early, I don't know how early, but they are up to date... anyway. It is uncomfortable for them, mine ran a mild fever, try a dose of tylenol or ibprofen a half hour before the appt. Its helped with both my girls. :)

  2. Sherri Says:

    It's such a hard decision for us mommies to make, so I know what you are going through! I decided not to give the vaccines to Ashlynn, I have her on a delayed/selective vaccine schedule. But my pedi told me that if I do change my mind and want to give them to her, I can delay them as much as until she is 4-5 years old...jsut something to think about. Good Luck with your decision!