Wishing I was having Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Even though we are not American and I have never celebrated it at this time of year, that is beyond the point. Despite the fact I am a preggo, it is not even the turkey I miss. Mmm.

No, more the.... togetherness. Of being together as a family. I know I sound so selfish here because I have been so fantastically blessed with a wonderful husband and beautiful daughter, but sometimes I just miss "my" family. My Mom and my siblings, I want to say my Dad too because I do miss him but if I was in Canada I don't know if it would make a ton of difference or if he would want to be "having thanksgiving" with me, which is saddening.

I've never been a homebird. I love travelling, as soon as I met Daniel I knew I wanted to move away with him and travel the world and discover so many new fabulous places which we have been doing and I feel so blessed and cultured to be the discovering the world in this way while I am still young, and hopefully will be able to show my children different cultures and ways of lives.

But a girl always misses her Mommy sometimes?

I haven't seen my Mom since Oct 07 when she came to visit us in the UK soon after Dakota was born. I miss her terribly! I haven't seen my sister or any of my other siblings since my wedding in August 2006. Yep, far too long. My sister is my best friend and missing her this much is awful! At least with her I can chat on the computer though, my Mom is terribly computer illiterate, she doesn't "manage" to get on much.

But I will be posting her the link and making a point that she reads this!

So Mommy, I miss you and love you!

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  1. Betsy Says:

    :( Are you trying to make me cry!? I can't imagine being so far away from my family. :( I hope your mommy sees this! My dh has been bugging me to move to Boise so we can be closer to his family, but I cna't seem to seperate myself from here. This has been my HOME for years and years... :(