Alexandra Burke

I really haven't mentioned my music taste on my blog before - except for my player at the bottom which I fill with some of my favorite songs now and again!

I am indeed a TV addict, as well as a computer addict! My wonderful husband got some UK satellite TV installed when we moved here, so I don't have to miss much! Their equivilent version of American Idol ended recently. The girl that won was called Alexandra Burke - she is amazing! I watched it from Week 1 and was so happy she won, really a star in the making. This is the same show that discovered Leona Lewis and I think this girl can be just as big! So watch out! :) Haha, here is a link to an amazing version of Beyonce's song "Listen" she did, also if you search around she did a duet of the same song WITH Beyonce on final night, which is amazing too - but this version is a little longer. Oh, and here is her debut single - a version of Hallelujah. Take a listen, she has a bright future!

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  1. Betsy Says:

    YAY! I love music! :D Thanks for some good tips.