I have been neglecting poor little bloggy a little. Apologies, just busy with Christmas and everything else. I always forget how much I have to do and leave it until the last minute! So I have been just doing everything I can, as well as getting food and stuff prepared. But it's great, because I have my own back massager on hand whenever anything is getting too tough! Note, you may be blinded by how terrible I look. Forgive me, it is really true being pregnant with girls steals your beauty. Also, doesn't help when you don't put any effort into your appearance at all. But it's ok, because my bloggy Mommies understand, right? Just look at the cute kid :P

2 Responses
  1. mommytoalot Says:

    Lovely photos...your little one is adorable.
    thanks for popping by my blog

  2. Betsy Says:

    Whatever, you look beautiful! :)