"It wasn't me"

If you want to play along click on the button to take you to an incredibly amazing ladies blog. I have followed her blog for a while now and have saw some of my friends also play along with this, so I decided I needed to start! The idea of the game is to be brutally honest - I'm good at that, right?

1. I did NOT cry like a little child because I felt sick last week.
2. I did NOT scream and vent on my blog every day about how much MIL is starting to annoy me, but totally be nice to her face.
3. I did NOT put up the Christmas tree only to take it back down again
4. I did NOT take a ton of unnecessary pictures but post them anyway because "someone might like them".
5. I did NOT nearly choke on a grape today.
6. I did NOT then want to ram a grape down MIL's throat.

I think I should stop now. As I say, I am totally nice to her face. Promise!
2 Responses
  1. Betsy Says:

    Its nice isn't it?! Getting it off your shoulders.

  2. Sherri Says:

    Thanks for sharing the blog, it is very cute!

    OK, so I have a blogging question for you...how the heck do I add my nametag with each post like you do? This has been driving me crazy!!