My hospital "adveture"

OK, first off - we are all ok! A bit shaken, but everything is fine. Mia just likes to scare Mommy now and again! Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers - I truly appreciate them all and it is so warming to come home and see so many different messages about the internet for me, I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends! :)

Well, anyway, it all started on Sunday. Feeling incredibly ill and nauseus - I was cramping really bad and I didn't think much of it until someone posted it could be contraction. Well anyway, I freaked out then. It felt completely like them and I just hadn't been thinking of it all. So at this point I tell Daniel and we look it up on the internet, it says if they are coming more than 4 an hour, ring your Dr. So anyway, my contractions are coming basically every 10 minutes, so we start to panic.

Sunday was my Doctor's "day off" (just great!) so we head to the hospital. FIL and MIL watched Kota for us and Daniel came with me. We got there and of course they start babbling in Polish and I don't have a clue. Daniel is trying to explain things to them and I am not understanding anything that is going on and I just start to panic even more.

They attach me to an IV and pump me full of fluids, telling me I am probably just dehydrated. Well, telling Daniel, who then told me. Then they ask to see my medical details - of course they don't have them because I am not on their records. They say do I have travel insurance etc, I let them know I have medical insurance and have my own Dr, but it is his "day off". They make Daniel go home to get all my details to make sure I'm not lying (um, what if I am? Are they just going to leave me like this?). This was possibly the worst part. Being there without him. About 10 million nurses are coming past me shouting things in Polish, poking and prodding at me and I don't have a clue what they're saying. I started crying at this point because it was so bad, it wasn't even the pain, I had more or less forgotten about it, but I was SO dizzy to start with and my head was spinning. All these people running round me talking in languages I didn't understand was just horrific.

So finally Daniel gets back and they start treating me. They gave me some medication which was meant to stop the contractions, turbutilin (?) and something else. They were throwing out loads of other medical terms about what it could be - but of course Daniel couldn't translate them, he didn't even understand what they were himself!

They ran some tests and told me I was definitely going to have to stay overnight. Daniel stayed with me because it was just so horrible, I actually can't describe how lonely I felt there - despite the fact there were about 1000 other people in the hospital (I'm just guessing!) and I had Daniel with me. I was so scared something was really wrong with Mia, I never had any problems with Dakota and had such a textbook pregnancy so far.

Monday morning and my own Doctor came to see me. It was SO great finally getting to see him and talk English. He explained everything that was going on (my contractions had more or less stopped by this point and I was looking HOME!). The checked my cervix and it was completely closed (THANK GOODNESS), so they ran some other tests.

Yesterday was just mostly spent lying about and hoping there were going to be no more. My Doctor wanted to check everything out himself and make sure the contractions weren't going to come back. Anyway, all the test results came back and I was told I more than likely just have an irritable uterus.

Isn't that a lovely term! I have no idea how or why it happened, my uterus was completely unirritable with Kota, so this is a first. There is a high chance I may have been a little dehydrated which brought it all on - but they think it may be caused by my kidneys or bladder (meaning it gets worse when I need to pee!). So I have to make sure I pee often, haha!

I also have to take it easy (no more playing in the snow!) and just managed to skip out on bedrest. So I have to look after myself and Mia a little more. There is a high chance I may continue to get contractions but they should be harmless, caused by my lovely irritable uterus! Next time I get them, my Doctor told me to feel free to come into him specifically so he could make sure, but as my cervix is closed, we think Amelia just likes to give Mommy a scare now and again!

Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers,

7 Responses
  1. Suzi Says:

    oh my gosh I am SO glad to hear that you are OK! I have been checking and checking to see if you posted anything yet! Prayers will continue your way for an easy rest of the pregnancy for you AND miss Mia!

  2. Danielle Says:

    Thank heavens, Anna, we were worried sick. <3

  3. Kaycee Says:

    Wow thank God you are okay! That's so scary :( Rest up and pee often LOL

  4. Blue Castle Says:

    so glad you're okay. :)

  5. Amy Says:

    That is so scary, I am glad you are okay

  6. Betsy Says:

    Ok. So, you need to drink often, pee more, and rest! :) Everything will be fine. You are still in my prayers, can't ever get enough of those! :)

  7. Sherri Says:

    Oh my goodnes, I am SOOO glad that you and Mia are ok! I have been thinking about you and kept checking your blog for any updates!

    Get tons of rest and take care!