Bangs are VERY annoying.

I am starting to wonder why I ever got them! I don't know, I have had some compliments on them, some people think as I do, it was probably better without them.

I just can't stick having hair in my face. I thought I would be totally hip and go for some new "cool" styles and do something different than the drab hair I had before. But this is bad! I find myself trying to steal the clips off Kota so that I can wear them myself. I don't care if they were made for toddlers, this hair on my head is killing me.

On another note, D is having some bang problems of her own too. Her hair is finally growing, but it is still so wispy and not long enough to be cut into a style, but there are just random bits hanging about everywhere. I don't want to cut it because I want her hair to grow, but it is just so crazy around the place. She has so much hanging at the front and barely any at the back.

Hair problems, like Mommy like daughter.
2 Responses
  1. Amy Says:

    I think the blunt across bangs are cute, however, if you don't like them just push them to the side and have a cute little swept bang.l
    It is what I do.
    Also, clips are your friend. Nice thing about not liking bangs, just clip them to the side for the day, and you are good. The next day bring them out.

    You just have to experiment with them until you like them.

    Also, when you first get them cut it is the worst, your hair is not used to them so it does everything in its poower to make it awful.

  2. Betsy Says:

    You both look adorable! I have a really tough time with M cause she has TWO calicks (spelled wrong, lol) and they make her hair part really funny, and there isn't any training it, and we have tried bangs, but there is still a ton of hair in the face, and I figure whats the point. So, in a ponytail her hair stays!