Computer Problems

OK, so, I think I posted it here my laptop broke.

It just shut down on me and wouldn't switch on at all. So off to the Polish computer fixer office it went. Haha.

This was like a week, it hasn't come back yet. Daniel rang today to ask them because he works with computers himself and I mean, if they aren't going to fix it he can poke at it a bit longer. So they say whoever is working on it isn't in just yet, but they will ring us back as soon as he arrives.

They haven't rang yet. I am just upset because it has some recent pics on it I have managed to get saved onto discs yet and I really don't want to lose them. Plus, I have to go on the main computer right now and I am just not used to it at all. The keyboard is messed up and I just don't like the big screen. I like my laptop privacy!

Stupid Polish computer fixer offices.

- Anna
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  1. Betsy Says:

    Hopefully its fixed soon!