Fed up

With everything right now!

I am in such a blog rut. It seems to go, a few good positive posts.. then BAM... negative depressing Anna!

But my laptop is not back yet. I am actually getting upset at how long it is taking. Apparently there is nothing wrong, but I just miss it. I have a serious addiction. I feel like everyone is watching me while I type her. Yes, MIL is the only other person here and although she can manage English speaking pretty well, it would take her a while to figure it all out. But still, I get paranoid. I am ready to go down there and kick the company's ass! Come on, hurry up and fix my damn laptop. More than likely it is the sort of job you need to press one button and get it all fixed again, that is the sort of thing Daniel thought it was. Oh well, hopefully soon.

Until then I cannot feel happy. I need to do something about this addiction. Advice?

Oh and in advance - detox is NOT an option. I love my laptop too much!
1 Response
  1. Betsy Says:

    I love mine too. I need to get it in for a 'checkup' but don't wanna let go!