Hey guys!

Hey guys, Dakota here. Just wanted to update you all why Mommy hasn't been able to update her blog in a week. That is terrible, even for Mommy!
My baby sister Amelia has not been behaving too good. She is causing Mommy to have contractions again, really regular. So Mommy has been getting scared Amelia is going to come out too soon. But she went for a preterm labor screening test today and everything is OK. Apparently Amelia shouldn't come anywhere in the near future anyway. She just likes playing tricks on Mommy. Hehe, I think we will be great friends!

Anyway, I have been being a good girl and helping Mommy lots in the past week. I even helped her with her laundry!

I've even been sitting in my highchair with no complaints and haven't been trying to climb out.

Of course, I've found some time to chill too. My new Christmas Elmo chair is pretty fun, I can position it to right in front of the TV!

I've been doing some coloring too. I got new crayons and they are so cool, lots of pretty colors!

& of course, no matter what the problem is, there is always time for some bathtime cuteness!

Toodles, Dakota!
4 Responses
  1. Ms Cupcake Says:

    Dropping by from sits. Sending some sunshine your way. Beautiful photos!

  2. Tiffany Says:

    What a cute little one. I hope your new little one stays put for a while!

  3. Betsy Says:

    HOW CUTE!! I love hearing from your little one! I also love hearing from you! :P

  4. Safire Says:

    Dropping by from SITS. Great pictures and I hope your newest stays put for awhile.