Not Me Monday!

I did NOT just basically set a whole day away to take new belly pictures and then delete them all because I thought they were ugly.
I did NOT complain about how cold it was for the whole week, but wear a t-shirt out on a walk yesterday.
I did NOT cry whenever Dakota got her finger stuck in the car door.
I did NOT eat like 10 bars of chocolate today.
I did NOT just promise FIL I would photocopy like 10 pages for him to stop him looking over me on the computer and then forget to do them all. Ooops. He came over looking for them a minute ago and I was like "Just doing it now." Got too carried away!
4 Responses
  1. Jennifer Says:

    Those are good, especially the chocolate. :) It is always nice to meets a fellow SITSta.

  2. blueviolet Says:

    I did not eat 10 bars of chocolate but I can't say the same about Milk Duds. =:O

  3. S.L.P Says:

    Belly pictures can be so tricky...I hope you get some good ones! Happy not me Monday!

  4. Betsy Says:

    I am with you on the chocolate one. And as for the belly pictures, who cares what you think. I am sure you look amazing.