I ordered the twilight books last week when I found out I was on bedrest, and they arrived today! Well, the first one. I am going to read it, see what I think, then order the rest, if I think so. I was determined not to get sucked into this whole twilight mania, but now I just really want to know what all the fuss is about. Will let you know how it goes!

- Anna
2 Responses
  1. Kati Sue* Says:

    I havent read them either... but did you hear how Stephen King called the auther a terrible writer... I chuckled!

  2. Betsy Says:

    I LOVED THEM!!! I totally didn't think I would. My sister read them and wanted me to, it wasn't until I got a reccomendation from an online friend that I took them seriously. Figured I may as well have something to talk to my sister about, and read the first. IT SUCKS YOU IN!!! :) I bought all four for myself.