Amelia's Birth Story

" I had been having contractions all day Wednesday (04/22) but wasn’t sure if they meant anything. I had had irregular contractions all through my pregnancy so wasn’t getting my hopes up but was secretly hopeful. At around 10pm I was on the computer (as usual!) when I felt I needed to pee. Nothing out of the ordinary, so I waddled my way to the bathroom. Just as I got into the bathroom, my waters broke. Nothing like the massive explosion you often imagine, but there was still no mistaking it. I got everything cleared up and informed Daniel. He instructed me to sit and “DON’T MOVE” while we timed the contractions. They started coming every 4 minutes and we decided we better to head to the birthing center, which was about an hour across town.

We arrived at the center around 11pm and I got changed and hooked up. The contractions were short and stabbing at this point, nothing I couldn’t deal with. We sat and waited for an hour, playing about on the laptop and chatting, as well as informing close family members things were happening. At around midnight I was checked and was told I was only 3cm dilated and hadn’t progressed at all since I arrived. They offered to try and move things along a bit, but I declined because it had only been an hour and I was ok with everything.

After waiting for another while, things finally started to progress. Without really noticing, the contractions were starting to get harder and I was beginning to have to stop what I was doing and really concentrate on contractions as they came. I was still able to deal with them but increasingly they were becoming more difficult. I was incredibly tired as everything was happening in the dead of night, I tried to rest for a few minutes but soon realized I wasn’t going to get any rest. I got out of the bed and walked about for a bit and the contractions got stronger again. I was feeling a lot of pressure already and felt Amelia must be quite close to coming out. The pressure even at this point was a lot greater than I can remember with Dakota.

Things continued like this until around 4am. They decided to check me again and told me I was 7cm dilated. I was pretty upset at this because I felt I was ready to push and was getting incredibly uncomfortable. I was seriously considering the epidural, but just told myself to take it 5 contractions at a time and review the situation after the next 5. I took some gas & air (entonox) to calm me down a bit. I just kept changing positions to try and get comfortable. Daniel played some silly songs on the computer: for example “Go Baby Go”. This cheered me and took my mind off the contractions for a while. I tried stretching out but the contractions were becoming increasingly unbearable and I really started doubting myself and my capabilities.

After asking to be checked again, the midwife said I was progressing really well and it wouldn’t be much longer. After finally get myself into a half comfortable position I started feeling like I needed to push. I just went along with the contractions for a while and after realizing that YES I was actually needing to push a little. I informed the midwife. She checked and said I wasn’t fully 10cm dilated yet but just to go along with what my body was feeling. I pushed a little like this until the Doctor arrived. It was nice to have something to take my mind off it.

The Doctor arrived at 5.20am and I decided I wanted to deliver on my front. I am sure I was not a sight to be missed, but that was the way I felt most comfortable, down on my front with my back end in the air. The Doctor was happy enough to go along with this for a while and I started pushing in this position. I was so tired but really gave the pushing everything I had to get this baby out. After 30 mins intense pushing, the Doctor suggested I turn round on my front. I was not keen to do this and actually getting turned was the hardest, but after a lot of moaning and groaning, they set up some stirrups and got me delivering the “normal” way on my back. The pressure was really intense and I could feel her right there but she didn’t seem to be shifting. At around 6 the Doctor let me know we would try pushing for 15 more minutes and then he would decide what to do because he could see I was trying really hard and getting stressed that not much was happening. Well, at around 6.10am something finally happened. After 2 massive pushes with lots of screaming and groaning and then panting, her head finally crowned. I had completely forgotten how exhilaratingly painful the experience was but it was amazing at the same time. One more massive push and she was out.

Amelia was born at 6.15am exactly weighing 7lb 10z and 19.75ins long. I tore in the exact same place I did with Dakota and required 4 stitches but after all that I was up walking around again quickly. Achieving another drug free birth was great and I really appreciated getting to feel everything that was happening and really being in control of my body. Amelia nursed like a champ from word go. We are just recovering now but I feel so blessed to have been given another beautiful baby girl. I could just stare at her all day long; she is truly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. "

I have a ton of pics to upload, for those of you that have me on facebook they are there but I will get them up soon for my bloggy friends! Thank you for all the congratulations!

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  1. Amy Says:

    I will need to add you on facebook!
    I am so happy for you, and proud that you were able to have another drug free birth!

  2. Betsy Says:

    That is an amazing story!! Thankyou so much for sharing!!