Purple for Maddie

Hi Maddie, my name is Dakota. I'm only a month older than you, though you probably couldn't tell as I am a giant monster and you were simply a little peanut. We never got the chance to play or anything but I saw pictures of you online and I know we would have had a ton of fun. You lived in California and I live in Poland. Poland is so boring, but I can make it fun sometimes. I wore this purple dress today to remember you. Your life was short but was filled of so many fantastic memories and my whole family is so thankful to God that you got that beautiful year to spend at home with your family having fun. Someday we will meet in heaven and then we may get the chance to play together.
3 Responses
  1. She looks like she has wings in that picture.


  2. Danielle Says:

    Anna, this is a lovely post. And your baby is adorable. In that last picture, she is your total TWIN.


  3. Betsy Says:

    :( Are you trying to make me cry today Anna?! That is too sweet. My heart and prayers go out to Maddie's family and friends...