Rest In Peace... Sweet Little Madeline!

I woke up this morning to some very sad news.

I can't explain to anyone the feelings going through my head right now. I mean, I never met Maddie, I never met her parents Heather & Mike. But I felt like I knew so much about her. I read her blog and although she was a good few months development wise behind Dakota, I could relate. She was just a beautiful little miracle, a mischievous toddler with everything in front of her.

I looked back on posts of when she was such a tiny little baby in the NICU and saw how much she had changed. How much she had come on - she was truly a little fighter and a miracle. No matter what got her down, she never let it bother her. She was back smiling as normal the next day. She was tiny, but she had complete control over the kids bigger than her. She was tiny but mighty!

I followed her photos on flickr and secretely wished I could be a Mom with as great a talent of taking beautiful pictures as Heather, and thought we only talked a handful of times via blogs, I felt almost like an acquaintance. It is very funny how the land of the internet works. This has all made me realize how much I appreciate every one of my internet friends, you are all fantastic and I couldn't get through the day without you! (HUGS)

But back onto topic - this sweet little girl passed yesterday and I know I will never forget it. I will never forget her infectious smile or the many stories of the latest things she had been getting up to! Rest in peace Maddie, you are truly a little angel! <3

If you are interested in finding out more about Madeline, please check out her website here. Or if you want to see some photos of the beautiful little princess you can go here. Maddie's parents have requested that in lieu of flowers, you could donate to March of Dimes - details are on her blog page. Maddie was such a sweet little girl who touched so many people's lives.

**All credit to Heather for this picture. I stole it from her flickr set but really felt I couldn't convey Maddie's beautiful little smile without putting it there for others to see.**
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  1. Amy Says:

    this post basically summed up my feelings on this.
    I was at work and I read it and I just started crying my eyes out. I ran home on my lunch break to give my son a kiss. He has been sick with a fever..

    Words just can't describe how sad it is..