She's so ladylike...

Oh well, what can I do about it?

Daniel kicked her little butt and she giggled. This is her new favorite position to lie watching the TV. I am scared she will hurt her eyes this way. Of course Daniel sees nothing wrong with it and thinks it is funny.

I told her to sit back on the chair with us and got told "NO". I was like "Eh, ok". That kid rules our house, probably a little sad but very true!

If she needs glasses by the time she gets to 5 - she can blame her Daddy! As for her more than ladylike position, well, we will see how that changes in a few years!
2 Responses
  1. Roxanne Says:

    lol that is adorable. and so big kid like- where'd she come up with the idea? my 4.5 yo wouldnt know to do that.

  2. Java Cupcake Says:

    hahaha that's so cute. i'm pretty sure all kids sit that close to the TV and all mothers tell them to scoot back!! :) heehee

    Happy Easter from your SITS friend!